Masked Dancer fans name ‘awful’ Pearly King as soap star – after Oti Mabuse let slip major clue


THE Masked Dancer fans are utterly convinced that the lion, Pearly King, is one of the stars of EastEnders.

There is no question that the character is a man after a clue judge Oti Mabuse let slip on This Morning earlier in the year.

The Masked Dancer’s Pearly King was seen playing the banjo
Many were convinced an EastEnders actor was inside the costume
He was seen playing cards in Laurel’s Cafe during the clue package

She essentially ruled out that the character was a woman – removing any chance it was one of England’s Lionesses.

The Masked Dancer‘s Oti said: “We have a lion, I think he steals the show” before quickly adding: “Or she steals the show. You see? Why do they bring me on?!”

However, some fans were split over whether it was Danny Dyer in the costume of Shane Richie.

One wrote on Twitter: “Pearly King is 1000% Danny Dyer SURELYYY.”

Another tweeted: “Pearly king – Danny Dyer or Shane Richie.”

The character dropped a bit of a clue that it was the Mick Carter actor remarking: “The panel’s guesses are dire.”

One added: “That seals it Pearly king is Danny Dyer.”

However, many – including Oti – were agreed that whoever it is isn’t a professional dancer.

One wrote: “Hardly call that dancing. Just wildly gesticulating.”