Masked Dancer viewers ‘work out’ Tomato Sauce is daytime TV legend after spotting ‘clues’

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MASKED Dancer viewers think they’ve worked out who Tomato Sauce is on the hit show.

Fans think they’ve spotted clues, following Tomato Sauce’s performance of ‘C’est La Vie.’

Masked Dancer viewers think they’ve worked out Tomato Sauce’s identity
Fans speculated it could be Coleen Nolan

Guessing that Tomato Sauce’s identity could well be Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan, one fan shared their reasoning.

“I was thinking Coleen Nolan,” they began, adding: “In her clue package she showed a poll of who prefers Tomato Sauce, much like a Loose Women poll, she mentioned about talking and gossiping. She danced to ‘C’est La Vie’ by a famous Irish girlband featuring sisters.

“Coleen is/was also a member of an Irish girlband consisting of sisters. Also said she had a stomach turned episode in a famous house, she was on Big Brother twice, first time she clashed with Julie Goodyear, and second time she famously didn’t get on with Kim Woodburn.”

Other fans on Twitter have also guessed at Coleen Nolan as the person behind Tomato Sauce.

Coleen, 57, has appeared on This Morning, Dancing On Ice and Celebrity Big Brother, and has been a regular on Loose Women since 2000.

Alongside her TV work, the mum-of-three has revealed multiple weight loss workout DVDs and several books including memoirs.

There have been other guesses at Tomato Sauce’s identity, including Packed Lunch host Steph McGovern.

The naughty tomato teased they put the “sauce into saucy” and were a “staple at meal times”.

Hinting at their ability to get on with anyone, they said “a good sauce can be paired with anything”.

They continued: “Have a squeeze, I won’t judge what you put it on.”

Describing themselves as the “heart of the table” they added “many an important conversation is had while breaking bread.”

They added they were ever humble and wanted to make the world a “more tasteful place”.

One fans guessed on Twitter: “Tomato sauce is Steph McGovern.”

Another posted: “tomato I’m saying @StephLunch from @PackedLunchC4.”

A third said: “Ketchup Steph McGovern.”

There have been other guesses at Tomato Sauce’s identity including Steph McGovern