Masked Singer fans ‘work out’ that Jacket Potato is huge Brit comedian and sitcom star – do you agree?

jacket potato the masked singer

THE Masked Singer fans have claimed Jacket Potato is a huge Brit comedian and sitcom star.

The 52-year-old shot to fame in the early noughties and has become a legend on the comedy scene since.

The Masked Singer fans are insisting they’ve figured out the celeb behind Jacket Potato

The actor has also shocked fans with his incredible weight loss in recent years.

He’s known to millions starring in big TV shows, or making tea in adverts.

And he’s said to be worth around £8million thanks to his three decade career.

Fans are insisting that Jacket Potato is the one and only Johnny Vegas.

One took to Twitter on Saturday night and said the Benidorm star had to be behind the mask, writing: “MaskedSingerUK Potato is Johnny Vegas 😂🤷‍♂️

Another reacted: “pretty sure johnny Vegas is Jacket Potato.”

And a third echoed: “Jacket Potato = Johnny Vegas”

But others have speculated that Jacket Potato could either be a celebrity chef – like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.

As their costume has a sticker which reads “Wild Hog Dairy,” some believe there’s a chance it could be a farmer, such as Extraordinary Farming Lives star Amanda Owen or Our Farm in the Dales’ Matt Baker.

Another theory is that as a Jacket Potato is a popular lunch choice, it could be a reference to a Dinnerladies actress such as Maxine Peake, or perhaps Kym Marsh who is playing a dinner lady in the upcoming Waterloo Road season 11.

Jacket Potato took to the stage alongside characters Fawn, Rubbish, Piece of Cake, Pigeon and Rhino, and he sang a rendition of Elvis Presley’s hit Viva Las Vegas.

Who has already left The Masked Singer?

This season’s first elimination was Ghost, who was unveiled as former football star Chris Kamara.

After he was unmasked, Kamara said of his outfit: “I loved it. It was simple but that’s what I really liked about it.

“It was hard to sing in though.

“I never realised how hard that would be. It’s very claustrophobic.”

Johnny Vegas is a Brit comedy legend