Masked Singer’s Daisy Cooper reveals huge hint about Phoenix’s identity


THE Masked Singer star Daisy May Cooper has revealed a HUGE hint about Phoenix’s identity after being unmasked.

The comedian took to Capital Radio on Tuesday to discuss the remaining characters on the ITV singing competition.

Daisy opened up about ‘fancying’ Phoenix on the Masked Singer
Daisy was unmasked as Otter over the weekend

Daisy, 36, who was unveiled as Otter on Saturday night, gave away huge clues about the identity of Phoenix.

Speaking to Roman Kemp, Chris Stark and Sian Welby, she revealed she has a bit of a crush on the mystery celeb.

When asked if she “fancied” any of the other contestants, the Our Country star said: “Oh, Phoenix!

“Honestly, he just had a way about him and his swagger. And I could smell his cologne through the suit.

“I actually fancy him more in the costume than when he’s not in the costume,” she went on to tease, before adding: “I’m not going to say [who].”

Daisy also gave an insight into her young daughter Pip’s reaction to finding out she was on the show.

The actress revealed she spilled the beans to her daughter, who was so embarrassed she cried.

She said: “I had to tell my daughter because she’s such a big fan of The Masked Singer, so I was like, I’ve got to tell her.

“Told her and she actually cried because she was embarrassed… she was really cross with me.

“Now she loves the Jellyfish. It’s so typical. I gave you life and yet you support the Jellyfish, not your own mother.”

Fans have been busy putting in their guesses for Phoenix, which so far includes Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson and actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

A number of fans have also guessed David Tennant from the way Phoenix walks and acts – as well as the Doctor Who link of the Doctors regenerating. 

Elsewhere, Daisy revealed she had a huge crush on GMB star Ben Shephard as she sat down for an interview.

She was overwhelmed as she walked into the GMB studio wearing a blanket covered in Ben’s face.

Beforehand, bashful Ben had joked that he felt “like it’s the most public Tinder date ever, this.”

Daisy, whose autobiography is dedicated to “fit” Ben, greeted the broadcaster with a big hug and was seen wafting her face to stem the tears before the show cut to an ad break.

She’d barely composed herself when the programme returned, looking genuinely starstruck sitting opposite handsome Ben.

She said: “When I was younger, he came on my television and I’ve never looked back since. You are the most wonderful man in the world.”

She gave clues as to who was behind Phoenix’s mask