Masked Singer’s Otter ‘revealed’ as This Country star after fans spot 8 clues – do you agree?


THE MASKED Singer’s detective fans are hot on the case of this year’s cast – and they think they’ve cracked who’s behind Otter.

Following the second week of performances on the ITV guessing game, Cat and Mouse were revealed as a famous married couple, and suspicions have been raised over the character of Otter.

Who could be Otter?
Could Daisy May Cooper be behind the cast

For many, they’ve come to the conclusion it could be Daisy May Cooper.

The This Country star has become the prime suspect for the character over on a Reddit thread in which eight ‘tell-tale’ signs make quite the arguement it could be her.

Redditor I’m_just_called_Lucy put forth her claims with clues covering Daisy’s entire career, from This Country to magazine covers.

Among the clues were a witch’s hat and broom (a supposed indicator of Daisy’s BBC series The Witchhunter), Kim Kardashian (which she parodied her famous ‘break the internet’ pic for on a magazine cover), and a nod to a Vicar – one of the lead characters in This Country.

Other clues included a reference to RADA – the drama school Daisy attended – and a police hat and siren, which could be an indicator to her role in 2014’s The Wrong’Uns beside James Corden and Mat Baynton.

Otter has survived another week on the series, with Daisy not the only female comedian in the spotlight for the character.

Others believe it could be Catherine Tate while after the first performance, some viewers became absolutely convinced it could be legendary pop star Kate Bush.

In a more bizarre guess, some believe it could be Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt.

After the first performance to Baywatch theme song I’ll Be There, the judges are just as stumped.

Mo Gilligan guessed actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, while Davina McCall also suggested Fiona Shaw.

Rita Ora believed Otter was singer Una Healy, as she took part in the TV show Splash.

Jonathan Ross focused on the shamrock shown and guessed Irish star Pauline McLynn.

Otter is making a splash on the series

Daisy May Cooper’s clues include a vicar and going to RADA