NTA host Joel Dommett makes huge blunder as he addresses King Charles ‘wrong’


JOEL Dommett appeared to make a huge blunder as he presented the National Television Awards this evening.

The host, 37, was introducing King Charles who had recorded a special video to mark 50 years of Emmerdale – but he called him Prince of Wales.

Fans think Joel Dommett made a mistake
King Charles spoke about his love of Emmerdale

While Joel did add that he was still Prince at the time of recording, those watching at home weren’t impressed and took to Twitter to comment.

One person wrote: “As if he just introduced him as Prince of Wales…. he’s the King of England #NTAs.”

A second added: “Joel just introduced King Charles as the Prince Of Wales? #NTA #Emmerdale.”

While a third wrote: “Joel shouldn’t you of said King Charles? Not Prince of Wales. #NTAs.”

And a fourth said:  “He’s the king not prince of wales Joel 😂 all the ❄ will be upset #NTAs.”

In the clip, the King surprised the cast and star-studded audience as he revealed he was a fan of the soap.

He said:  “I’m delighted to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emmerdale and I am afraid I am so old that I can remember when it was called Emmerdale farm, owned by the Sugdens.

“It is a testament to all the hard work of the production team that has become such an important British institution and major British export with hundreds of thousands of fans from Scandinavia to New Zealand all keen to follow the fortunes of what is left of the Sugdens and their newer neighbours.

“What makes Emmerdale so special is that it has kept true to the vision of its original writer Kevin Laffan who wanted to demonstrate that farming is not just a job, it’s a whole way of life.

“ On a daily basis, Emmerdale continues to depict what life is really like for those who work the land and protect our precious countryside. It also stresses brilliantly something that concerns me greatly, the long time sustainability of the way we produce our food.

“I’m also heartened by the production team’s efforts off-screen, their ambition to achieve net zero by 2030 has already made Emmerdale one of the first British programme to be awarded ALBERT certification to reduce its impact of the production process and create content that stresses the importance of establishing a sustainable future.

“So it is only right that the National Television Awards acknowledge the enormous contribution Emmerdale has made and I hope those watching will join me in sending our warmest congratulations on its 50th birthday, and wishing it an equally successful future.”