The Masked Dancer fans convinced Scissors is X Factor winner

Masked dancer

THE MASKED Dancer fans think they’ve worked out who Scissors is on the hit show.

ITV viewers have insisted that X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is behind the mask after dropping major clues.

Masked Dancer fans are convinced they’ve worked who Scissors is
Fans think X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is behind the mask

The famous face – who is an enormous pair of scissors – pulled out all the stops with their upbeat dance routine to So What by popstar PINK!

Ahead of tonight’s performance, the choppy character said: “In my last performance I cut some shapes on the dancefloor, the panel think they’ve figured me out, but I think they’ve barely scratched the surface.”

They then made reference to an “elephant in the room”, hinting to Alexandra’s hit song Elephant and a comment she made on ITV series Daybreak in 2012, in which she mistakenly took responsibility for bringing the well-worn phrase to the UK.

The celebrity continued: “I’ve not always been front and centre, but I like the limelight – even though I’ve not sought it out…life can imitate art.”

They added: “Sometimes it helps to have a little bit of the X factor in your life.”

Fans are convinced that The Bad Boys singer, who won the show in 2008, is behind the mask.

One wrote: “Elephant in the room? Sissors is defo Alexandra Burke after that interview of her claiming she brought that phrase to England. #TheMaskedDancer.”

Another posted: “So which former X Factor contestant is scissors I wonder. #TheMaskedDancer”

A third said: “Scissors is Alexandra Burke – Elephant in the room and X Factor clues! #TheMaskedDancer”

A fourth echoed: “Elephant in the room, X Factor, Scissors is Alexandra Burke. #TheMaskedDancer”

Scissors gave three final clues, with two of them being a red herring.

They said: “I tried to find love before finding fame. Burlesque took an unexpected turn. Dumb decisions lead to a very fizzy mouth.”

The judges were left stumped but guessed The Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts, model Heidi Klum and Destiny Childs’ Kelly Rowlands could be hiding behind the mask.

Alexandra won the singing competition in 2008