The Masked Dancer fans stunned as Astronaut is revealed as Hollywood superstar


THE Masked Dancer’s Astronaut was revealed tonight to be Hollywood star Jesse Metcalfe.

Judge Oti Mabuse was left screaming: “It’s my high school crush” as he whipped off his spaceman’s helmet.

Host Joel Dommett led the fun on The Masked Dancer tonight
Astronaut was revealed to be American actor Jesse Metcalfe

She added: “It just shows that on The Masked Dancer it could be anyone – anyone!”

Host Joel Dommett added nervously: “That’s rather raised the bar for the rest of the series.”

One fan gasped: “OM ACTUAL G!!! Jesse Metcalf???? Wtf?????” while another tweeted: “You cannot be serious.”

Jesse, 43, is famous for playing John Rowland on US megahit Desperate Housewives.

He also played the title role in teen comedy film John Tucker Must Die and was Christopher Ewing in the rebooted version of Dallas.

Asked why he decided to take part, he explained: “I thought it would be fun because dance is something that really intimidates me so it’s a fear that I wanted to face.

“This has been unbelievable, it’s one of the most zany things I’ve ever done in my career but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.” 

Asked if it was hard to keep his appearance secret, Jesse said: “It was so hard. I’m obviously based in the US, and I couldn’t tell friends why I was in the country.

“There was lots of ignoring messages and being vague about what I was doing… and even some outright lying.”  

Elsewhere on The Masked Dancer tonight, we saw performances from Scissors, Candlestick, Pillar and Post, Odd Socks and Prawn Cocktail.

Guesses soon flooded in with Scissors quickly named by fans as one of the members of Little Mix.

Others insisted the Candlestick, who kicked off the series, was a big ITV star.

Jesse, seen here at the World Music Awards in 2008, was revealed tonight

Oti Mabuse was seen gasping on shock as the star was revealed