The Masked Singer audience ordered to leave after take it off chant reveals warm-up man


THE Masked Singers audience are made to go home before the celebrity is revealed, the shows warm-up man has revealed.

Andy Collins explained that he was told by TV bosses to clear ticket-holders from the studio saying the task was like being a UN peacekeeper.

The Masked Singer’s audience don’t get to see the reveal, it was claimed

Andy Collins explained that the audience was sent out after shouting ‘take it off’

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, he revealed how cameras stopped filming after the audiences take it off chant.

The 49-year-old telly veteran said: I dont know if youve seen the Masked Singer – I worked on two or three of them.

They said: Right, at the end when the crowd are going take it off, take it off at that point were going to stop, the audience all have to clear and then well unmask who it is.

I said: Right, so the audience that have been here for three and a half hours for the record are leaving and they dont get to see it?

Masked Singer panellist Davina McCall’s reactions are captured each week
Last week, Skin from Skunk Anansie was revealed as Duck
The panel, including guest stars Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, leapt to their feet

Yes, thats just the way it is. OK, and you want me to tell them that? Yes.

Shouldnt that be a producers job? Yes, but we think the audience might get a little bit upset so thats your job now. You think: Hold up, now Im a UN peacekeeper.

A rep for The Masked Singer told The Sun Online that the celebrity’s big reveal was shown only to a reduced audience.

The show sees a number of celebrities dressed in elaborate costumes, with the panel and audience left guessing at their identities.

The audience do not get to see the celebrity being unmasked, according to the warm-up man

ITVs wacky show is presented by I’m A Celeb star Joel Dommett`

It sees celebrities performing while dressed in vast costumes

Last week, Duck was revealed to be Skin from Skunk Anansie while Unicorn was exposed as The Scissor Sisters Jake Shears.

Other unmasked stars include former England star Teddy Sheringham, who was Tree, and US singer Kelis, who was Daisy.

Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, former Home Secretary Alan Johnson and ex-EastEnders star Patsy Palmer were also revealed.

Other pre-recorded shows have had to contend with spoilers getting out before the show aired.

The Masked Singer said a reduced audience stuck around for the reveal

The most notable example is Strictly Come Dancing, which is filmed in one block but aired half live and half as a pre-recorded results show.

That format has led to a Strictly spoiler revealing the axed star appearing online the night before the result airs on BBC One.