The Masked Singer fans convinced huge US TV star is Jellyfish and point out shocking coincidence


VIEWERS of The Masked Singer are convinced they have discovered who is behind Jellyfish.

Fans of the ITV guessing game are convinced they have rattled who has been impressing the panel from behind their disguise as well as picking up on a stunning coincidence.

Fans believe a huge US TV star is behind Jellyfish
They have impressed the panel

Amber Riley has been ‘exposed’ as the Jellyfish

Jellyfish wowed the panel with a performance of Alone by Heart and has left fans convinced that Glee’s Amber Riley is behind the mask.

During one clue during Jellyfish’s VT, the clue ‘goop’ was heard leading many to speculate this was a strong indication toward Amber after she starred alongside Gwenyth Paltrow, the creator of the brand Goop, on Glee.

One fan wrote: “Surely the Gooped clue is referencing Gwyneth Paltrow who was on Glee with Amber Riley.”

In another interesting twist, fans were quick to point out that Amber had in fact already competed on the US version of the singing contest.

Amber appeared on the programme last year as Harp and won the season beating off competition from fellow contestants including Gloria Gaynor and Jerry Springer.

Jellyfish informed fans that she had already won something big, once again fuelling speculation that Amber could be behind the mask.

One fan wrote online: “Jellyfish could be Amber Riley, but she recently just won The American Masked Singer…”

Another speculated: “That could defo be Amber Riley but I will be surprised if its her cos hasn’t she just done the american one.”

As a third added: “Riling up the panel! It’s Amber for SURE!!”

The Glee star recently won the US version of the show