The Masked Singer spoilers: Season 3’s Bear’s revealed in first Group C results


THE Masked Singer had its most shocking reveal of the season so far when politician Sarah Palin was unmasked as The Bear.

The former Governor of Alaska, 56, stunned everyone in the room when she took off the pink and purple furry animal head after her special rendition of the Sir Mix-A-Lot classic Baby Got Back.

The Bear was the first to be eliminated in the group C round
The Vice Presidential candidate was underneath The Bear mask
Nicole and Ken were shocked at the unexpected reveal

The 2008 republican Vice Presidential candidate shook her rear as she rapped but was the first person to go home in the group C round.

None of the judges were even close with their predictions of the colorful creature’s true identity.

Nicole Scherzinger, 41, inaccurately guessed it was actress Christina Applegate up on stage.

Ken Jeong, 50, and Jenny McCarthy, 47, both picked up on the deck of cards clue and attributed it to the show Full House.

No body on the panel was close to accurately guessing who The Bear was unmasked
Sarah gave a passionate performance of Baby Got Back

The Hangover actor guessed The Bear was Jodie Sweetin while the blonde podcast house predicted it was Candace Cameron-Bure.

Pop star Robin Thicke, 42, guessed the singer was actress Tina Fey, 49, who famously impersonated Sarah on Saturday Night Live for more than a decade.

The most unexpected reveal of the season made everyone’s jaws drop to the floor as Jenny told the Alaskan: “I’m stunned beyond belief. You kicked butt, Sarah Palin!”

“I’ve seen it all. I’ve literally seen everything now,” an awestruck Robin admitted after the night’s rapper was revealed.

Sarah said The Bear choice was due to a childhood nickname

Sarah opened up about why she went on the show: “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.

“But it’s all about fun, it’s all about unity. This is all good. This is something our country needs right now.”

She explained the reason behind her masked identify: “The bear is part of my nickname growing up and being a mama bear and having a bear in our front yard so yeah, the bear was easy.”

The Bear competed and was sent home in week one for Group C

The conservative politician noted that she changed the lyrics to Baby Got Back during her performance to be about men rather than women like in the original version.

After the massive reveal, Sarah joined host Nick Cannon, 39, for a duet of the infamous big-butt loving song as the panel and audience watched in disbelief.

Sarah competed against The Night Angel, The Astronaut, The T-Rex, The Rhino and The Swan in the first round for Group C.