Which celebs are behind The Masked Singers last three contestants? All the clues ahead of the final


THE most intriguing guessing game on television comes to a climax tomorrow night.

Fans of The Masked Singer will, at last, discover which celebrities are inside the final three bonkers costumes.

For weeks, millions of viewers have turned detective to join the panel speculating over the true identities of Octopus, Hedgehog and Queen Bee

For weeks, millions of viewers have turned detective on their sofas to speculate over the true identities of Octopus, Hedgehog and Queen Bee.

Putting together the clues from each episode of the wacky ITV hit, Stuart Pink unveils the four likeliest candidates who have been stringing (and singing) us along for the past two months.

And tomorrow night, the waiting will be over…

  • The Masked Singer is on ITV at 7pm on Saturday.



Do the clues point to Ashley?

  • IN what could be a subtle link to her band the Pussycat Dolls, Octopus says she recently strutted on a catwalk.
  • Octopus describes herself as bubbly, happy-go-lucky and always on the go, which perfectly sums up Ashley.
  • When quizzed by Heart radio colleagues Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakson, Ashley was said to be shifty and avoiding eye contact in an awkward on-air exchange.
  • Octopus claims she worked as a tour guide in London, where Ashley currently lives.


Could Armed Forces darling Katherine be about to come out all guns blazing as Octopus?

  • GIVEN she is the darling of the Armed Forces, the claim, I have been very fortunate to perform for all sorts of people, from pensioners to royalty seems an obvious fit.
  • In the Two Lies, One Truth round, Octopus claimed she used an accent coach to prepare for the show. Katherine could have used one to hide her Welsh accent.
  • Octopus says viewers may have heard her wax lyrical in multiple languages perhaps alluding to Katherine singing in various languages throughout her career.
  • During one post-performance chat, she had a vegan delivery. Katherine has bizarrely claimed she is a pescetarian-vegan.


Have you heard just a hint of a Welsh accent?
  • A MILLION-dollar bill was seen during an early clip, a potential reference to the big-money album deal the singer famously signed as a youngster.
  • Despite Octopuss accent varying between English and American, there is an obvious Welsh lilt at times.
  • Charlotte is another Masked Singer denier on social media…perhaps in a move to throw viewers off the scent.
  • Octopuss operatic numbers have a real whiff of Charlotte about them.


Could it be Sheree who was previously best known as Tricia Dingle in rural soap Emmerdale

  • THE actress is best known for playing Tricia Dingle in rural soap Emmerdale, which fits with Octopuss claim: Its a good job I have my wellies…I can wear them at the beach, in the Dales and even in the city.
  • The Jason Donovan picture in Octopuss purse in a clip could be a link to Sherees 2014 role in Aussie soap Neighbours.
  • Octopus claims her voice literally bought a house down, a possible nod to the helicopter crash which caused mass destruction on Emmerdale in 2015.
  • Octopus has been known to visit some very dangerous locations. That could be a reference to Sherees 2005 appearance on Im A Celebrity.



Hedgehog performed Dont Look Back In Anger by Mancunian rockers Oasis. Jason is also from Manchester

  • THE comedians mannerisms, including how Jason crosses his arms, are uncannily like those of Hedgehog.
  • In an early episode, Hedgehog said: I once had a job that meant I died at 8.30 every night. Every standup comedian has died on stage at some point.
  • Hedgehog revealed that Billy Connolly was his hero. Jason has previously cited the legendary Scottish standup as his idol.
  • Hedgehog performed Dont Look Back In Anger by Mancunian rockers Oasis. Jason is also from Manchester and a City fan.


Are we on the Ball with Michael as Hedgehog?

  • DURING an early pre-song VT, cat ornaments, a can of hairspray and a Phantom Of The Opera-style mask were shown, surely alluding to musicals Michael has featured in.
  • His sidekick and fellow crooner Alfie Boe posted a picture of a hedgehog with the caption: A little friend Ive found.
  • In another VT giveaway, Hedgehog said: I want to have a ball out there. A blatant clue…or could it be a red herring?
  • Hedgehog also claims he is used to singing eight times a week. That must mean he is a performer.


Hedgehog said: My daughter is more famous than I.’ Aled is dad to Bafta-nominated actress Emilia

  • HEDGEHOGS cost me a tenner or tenor line could refer to Aleds voice. As a boy, famously singing Walking In The Air, he was a soprano. His adult voice is far lower.
  • The stage is Hedgehogs most natural habitat, he says. Aled has been performing publicly since he was a youngster.
  • Hedgehog admits: There are many times when I find myself alone on stage but it is nice to be part of an ensemble. This could refer to Aleds albums with Russell Watson, a tenor.
  • In Two Lies, One Truth, Hedgehog said: My daughter is more famous than I. Aled is dad to Bafta-nominated actress Emilia.


Hedgehog drank Irish stout during a post-performance interview – and Alexander has Irish heritage

  • HEDGEHOG says he enjoys being part of a team, which could be a play on Alexanders hosting of ITV celebrity stripping show The Real Full Monty.
  • He sang the Electric Six hit Danger! High Voltage potentially a link to the cartoon character Danger Mouse Alexander has voiced for television.
  • Though best known as a telly presenter and comedian, Alexander is a decent singer and has released several albums
  • Hedgehog drank Irish stout during a post-performance interview. Could that allude to the Irish heritage Alexander found on Who Do You Think You Are? on 2010?

Queen Bee


Jade Thirlwall is in the Mix as Queen Bee

  • QUEEN BEE started her career quite young. Jade auditioned for The X Factor three times before making it with Little Mix.
  • The X Factor link was evident again following Queen Bees admission that she won a contest and my career was launched. Jade won the ITV show in 2011 as part of the girl group.
  • Bee has performed two Little Mix songs, Wings and A Woman Like Me. Or is that just a bluff?
  • Jade is said to be the funniest member of Little Mix. Bee says: Out of all of my friends, I am the joker of the pack.


A Scouse accent can be heard in Bees distorted tones and Nicola hails from Runcorn in Cheshire

  • DURING one clip, Queen Bee is seen walking through gardens playing the drum. Nicolas debut solo single, released in 2011, was called Beat Of My Drum.
  • Bee states: I am a lawmaker rather than a lawbreaker. Nicola publicly campaigned successfully to get under-18s banned from using sunbeds.
  • Nicola earned her place in Girls Aloud on the 2002 telly show Popstars: The Rivals having been a wildcard contestant. On The Masked Singer, Queen Bee remarks: Ive always been a bit of a wildcard.
  • A Scouse accent can be heard in Bees distorted tones. Nicola hails from Runcorn, Cheshire.


Was Nadine Coyle lying when she previously denied taking part?

  • ANOTHER singer who started quite young, Nadine auditioned for Irish reality-show band Six when she was 16 two years before she joined Girls Aloud.
  • Bee says France is her spiritual home but she doesnt speak French a reference to Girls Alouds 2007 song Cant Speak French.
  • Nadine told viewers of This Morning that she is NOT competing. But as The Masked Singers host Joel Dommett told The Sun last month, celebrities have been lying about their participation.
  • Queen Bee says she got a buzz from my last performance but not as much as I get from looking after other people. That could link to motherhood. Nadine is mum to six-year-old daughter Anaiya.


Billie Piper used to be a singer until quitting music in 2003

  • ONE of the teenage Billies hits as a singer was 1999s Honey To The Bee.
  • Like others touted as Queen Bee, Billie started her career quite young. She had a No1 single, Because We Want To, aged 15.
  • In Two Lies, One Truth, Queen Bee says she is not known for singing on stage. Billie moved into acting after quitting music in 2003.
  • She had plenty of gripes with the music industry, potentially sparking the line: I was so young I felt like I was being swept along with the tide.