Brits to soak in showers before scorching 27C weather with glorious sunshine to end the week


DRIZZLE will dampen spirits this week as rain showers soak much of the UK.

But conditions will dry up and temperatures will rise gradually over the coming days before hitting 27C just in time for the weekend.

Heavy rain descends on Tynemouth seafront

A beach busy with holidaymakers at the seaside resort of Weymouth in Dorset

Rainfall will be worst across Scotland and northern and eastern England, with scattered showers and light winds.

But all four corners of Britain will see some sprinklings before the week is out.

The mercury will hover in the high teens in Scotland, and low to mid-20s further south, over the next few days – significantly cooler than last week’s record-breaking 40C heatwave.

However, this will climb to 27C come Friday, possibly shooting up further through Saturday and Sunday.

Forecasters at Netweather reckon it could hit 28C or 29C by the afternoon on July 30.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “There will be some bright spells around this week but also a scattering of showers.

“Tuesday starts dry for many. There will still be a lot of cloud through the central and southern areas, and it will take some time for that cloud to break up, but it will eventually.

“By the afternoon, many places will see sunny spells.

“A few showers will develop in north west England and into the Midlands and south east, and in northern Scotland, but elsewhere any showers will be isolated.

“It’s still going to be a cool-ish day with temperatures not far from average in the high teens, perhaps 20C for Scotland, and low to mid-20s towards the south east.

“Temperatures overnight will fall into the single figures in sheltered spots and just about hold up in double figures in towns and cities.

“Another fresh start to Wednesday but bright blue skies and plenty of sunny spells for much of the morning, but shower clouds will develop and there will be some moderate and perhaps fairly well-scattered showers developing across southern and central parts of England Wales which will drift north.

“No significant rainfall expected this week, so good news for holidaymakers but not so good news if you need the rainfall.”

Into August, the weather could heat up further with temperatures above average for the time of year.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Looking ahead to early August, temperatures are likely to remain above average across southern areas of the UK, which at this time of the year can lead to warm and at times periods of hot or even very hot weather.

“Further north, temperatures will likely be much closer to average, and there will be a greater risk of rain here too.

“Heat related impacts can be triggered by prolonged spells of warm summer weather, not just from the extreme temperatures we have seen recently.”

Weather maps show temperatures climbing come July 30