UK weather – Brits to see final days of summer with 19C sunshine after weekend arctic plunge across the UK

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BRITS are set to see the final days of summer as temperatures are predicted to reach 19C next week.

The Met Office are predicting that the country will enjoy a last blast of one of the warmest summers on record as the week goes on.

Brits are set to enjoy a warm spell after this weekend’s Arctic plunge

Temperatures are predicted to climb into the 20Cs

However, before that the UK is forecast to experience an icy chill caused by Arctic winds sweeping the nation.

The North could see the mercury drop as low as -6C tonight while most other areas will be below freezing during the Arctic plunge.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “For the next few days, high pressure is going to be a big feature of the weather.

“It is going to push up against another area of low pressure, and as these two squeeze together the isobars pinch together, and this means that the winds will be picking up.

“Night-time temperatures in urban areas will be down in single figures and in rural spots we will be well down into single figures.”

High pressure is then expected to dominate the week ahead, keeping the UK dry and warm with temperatures into the 20Cs

Deakin added: “It is going to turn chillier, but temperatures are likely to rise as we go through next week and there is a chance of seeing thicker fog patches in the morning.”

This comes after snow fell in the North yesterday and temperatures plunged last night.

The Met Office defines an Indian Summer as a calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, often follows a period of frostiness. 

However, forecasters have said it is still to early to say that such a spell is in store for the UK.

Forecasters says it’s too early to tell if the UK is set to experience an Indian Summer