UK weather forecast: Brits to enjoy clear skies and no rain this weekend – but freezing -2C chill is on the way

© Licensed to London News Pictures. 23/01/2023, London, UK. A jogger in a frozen landscape at St James' Park, central London as freezing weather continues for most parts of the UK. Photo credit: Marcin Nowak/LNP

BRITS can look forward to a clear, dry weekend but need to be braced for a cold spell coming with temperatures dipping to -2C.

Many people will be able to enjoy a pleasant weekend but a cold front will hit Northern Ireland on Saturday which will move south east bringing chillier conditions.

Early morning joggers, like this one in London’s St James’ Park, could see a frosty start to their day

Monday could see temperatures dip to as low as -2C

As the working week draws to a close most parts of the UK will see some cloudy and mild conditions, according to the Met Office.

Hilly and coastal areas are expected to see patchy light rain.

Northern Ireland and western Scotland will have some cloud and light rain which will move east as the day wears on, bringing clear but windy conditions across the north east.

Overnight it will largely remain mild and dry although with some cloud cover.

Any rain will largely be confined to the Shetlands although some parts of the south west and north east could also see some wet conditions and temperatures will feel distinctly chilly with some ground frost.

The Met Office predicts much of England and Wales will be dry and cloudy but will turn colder later on as the cold front starts to take hold.

That cold spell will stretch into Sunday and is expected to last until Tuesday although many places will still see plenty of dry and sunny weather.

Temperatures are expected to fall to a low of -2C on Monday morning in parts of Wales and the south west of England.

Most of the Midlands and northern England will also see temperatures drop below freezing at around the -1C mark.

Temperatures in Northern Ireland and central Scotland will be much warmer hitting 5C or even 6C.

While the far north west will also remain mild it will see cloudier and windier conditions.

Tuesday will stay largely settled with good spells of sunshine although overnight there is small chance of some patchy snow across parts of central areas.

Looking further ahead, high pressure is expected to dominate the UK with largely fine conditions, particularly in south-eastern areas but frost is possible overnight.

Conditions for many areas, including Glastonbury Tor seen here, will remain dry and bright but temperatures will cool as the weekend wears on