UK weather forecast: Map shows where heavy snow will hit within days amid freezing -10C cold snap

A snowfell A939 as Scotland is under a Met yellow weather warning for snowfall. Credit: Euan Cherry

A MAP has shown where heavy show could hit within days as temperatures drop to a bone-chilling -10C.

And yellow weather warnings have been issued for much of Scotland, England and Wales for ice from today until Friday.

Snowfall in Scotland as yellow weather warnings are issued

Cyclists out in a frosty London this morning

Weather warnings show snow could fall in Scotland today

A brutal blast of Arctic air from Norway, nicknamed the Troll of Trondheim, could freeze the country for at least a week.

Snow could fall in northern Scotland, a weather warning for today suggests. Up to four inches are predicted to fall this week.

And a strong northerly wind is likely to cause drifting and blizzard conditions in some areas, weather experts suggested.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said there could also be significant snow in central parts of England and Wales in one model for next week.

One predicted mid-week scenario shows heavy snow across the South with significant snow in the midlands.

This scenario has a 30 per cent chance, according to the Met Office.

A second scenario with 70 per cent chance suggests cold winds and snow showers will come down covering Scotland and the East of England.

Snow is also set to fall across the south coast in this scenario.

It comes as fire chiefs also warned that people snuggling up in bed could become human torches – their electric blanket might burst into flames.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue and the Public Protection Partnership, which oversees trading standards in the county, conducted free electric blanket testing for local residents – and found alarming results.

A string of test sites were set up in Theale, Newbury, Wokingham and Crowthorne and of the 17 blankets that people brought in, only four – less than a quarter – were declared completely safe.

Though it was a small sample, fire chiefs said there was no reason to believe it did not show a widespread problem.

The testers advised thirteen of the blanket owners that theirs were so unsafe, they should not use them.

It comes after 2,000 homes in Sheffield were left without heating for five days, with a major incident declared.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also agreed emergency planning, which includes sheltering homeless people from the severe weather.

And the Met Office warned of a -10C bone chiller that could last for a week.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said: “We are in this pattern for seven days at least.

“We could see it continue for a while longer, there’s uncertainty in the evolution and how long it will last.

“However, the pattern for the next seven days is that it will remain cold and we will see double digit minus figures overnight in areas that are prone to frosts and areas where there is lying snow.”

Mike and Amy Woolven with son Josh in the snow at Tomintoul yesterday

Heavy snow could continue through the week. Pictured in Aberdeenshire