UK weather: Met Office reveals exact date snow will fall as fog alert warns flights could be cancelled today

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BRITS have been hit with plummeting temperatures and travel chaos as a thick blanket of fog swept over the nation.

The wintery conditions could see snow fall by the weekend as eastern winds led the mercury to fall to as low as 0C this morning.

Commuters woke up to a dense fog and mist from the south coast to the Midlands

A thick patch of fog covered the South Downs this morning

Plummeting temperatures could see snowfall in Staffordshire by the weekend

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning as fog stretched through much of England

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning over much of England as fog has covered regions including Bath, London, Birmingham and Hull.

The weather service has warned commuters of “difficult driving conditions” and “slower journey times with delays to train services possible”.

The thick blanket of fog could also ground some flights, with the Met Office advising of “a chance of delays or cancellations” in airports.

The yellow warning for fog was extended early this morning to include more parts of eastern Wales, the East Midlands and York. 

And some Brits could see snow by the weekend, with Staffordshire predicted to be hit with a blanket of frost and snow.

The north Staffordshire village of Flash, one of the highest in the country, is predicted to see the snowfall, with more forecast across high-ground in the coming weeks.

Commuters this morning woke to freezing conditions and thick fog across southern and central regions.

Temperatures dipped to just 0C in south Wales, with Manchester, Plymouth and London reaching 3C, 4C and 5C respectively.

But things will warm up by this afternoon, with the capital and central England areas seeing highs of between 5C and 8C. 

Scotland missed much of the fog and saw a warmer morning than most, with Aberdeen starting the day at a cool 8C and Stromness reaching 10C.

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “We do have this extensive area of low cloud, mist and fog patches through central and southern parts of the UK. 

“Unlike Thursday though, the increased easterly breeze that develops through the day will lift it and as a result a brighter afternoon is expected although still with a lot of cloud cover. 

“Increasingly we will see showers moving in on that easterly breeze across eastern parts of England as well as eastern Scotland.”

By tonight, much of the nation will enjoy clearer weather interrupted by a few showers across the east.

Heading into the weekend, wet weather is forecast to persist across northwest Scotland, with much of the nation remaining cold and cloudy.

Following Staffordshire’s lead, more snow and wintery snow showers are possible in higher regions as we head into the festive period.

In its long range forecast over the next two weeks, the Met Office said: “On Tuesday, showers and rain are expected in the south, southeast and north of the UK.

“Moreover, snow and heavy showers are then possible across high ground. Moderate winds are expected in most areas, locally strong in the north and perhaps south of the UK.

“Snow and snow showers are expected at times across high-ground areas.

“Temperatures are likely to be below normal through the period, possibly feeling rather cold.”