Celebrities including Bear Grylls and Stephen Fry celebrate the moustache in the name of mens health for Movember


CELEBRITIES including Bear Grylls, Stephen Merchant and Nicole Scherzinger are celebrating the moustache ahead of Movember.

The stars have teamed up to encourage people to get involved in this year’s campaign – and grow their own tash.

Stephen Fryis passionate about raising awareness for Movembers cause areas

It comes ahead of Movember next month, which raises awareness and vital funds for the biggest issues in men’s health: prostate cancer,testicular cancer, and mental health andsuicide prevention.

Having battled with a bipolar disorder and surviving prostate cancer himself,Stephen Fryis passionate about raising awareness for Movembers cause areas.

He said: Movember is something very close to my heart.

“Ive been personally affected by two of their three main cause areas, so how could I not get involved and support their work?

Bear says he’s had a lot of reaction from fans since growing a moustache

“Its so important we talk about mens health issues, and growing a Mo is a great way to spark those conversations.

“History shows some of the most successful men in the world had moustaches dont miss out on your chance to be one of them.”

Adventurer Bear Grylls also emphasised the need for men to get involved in Movember.

He added: “Of all the things Ive done in my career, taking the plunge and growing a moustache has resulted in the most response from folk around the world.

Stephen Merchant urged blokesto join some of historys iconic hairy upper lips by growing their own Mo

“Of course, in the wild, a hairy upper lip is an essential for warmth and stealth – so this Movember join us and grow a mo. Because whatever you grow will save a bro.”

And Stephen Merchant urged blokesto join some of historys iconic hairy upper lips by growing their own Mo, and in turn getting men talking about their health.

He said: “The sexiest men who ever lived all have moustaches: Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, the Swedish chef from the Muppets.

“Feel sexy by growing a Mo this Movember, and help to change the face of mens health.”

Nicole Scherzinger also appears in the call-to-action video as she says: “A recent survey found that men with moustaches are better in bed and more successful in life than those without them.

“That’s where I’ve been going wrong.”

Now in its 12thyear in the UK, Movember encourages millions of men around the world to embracethe moustache in all its glorious forms.

The itchy one, the patchy one or even the lopsided one – they all help fight prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male suicide.

David Oyelowo also appears in the call-to-action video

Whether men fly the flag solo or join up with friends, work colleagues, sports clubs, schools or universities, adding some hair to their upper lip drives awareness and generates funds for vital mens health issues.

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, from Notting Hill and Harry Potter, is also supporting Movember this year, lending his voice to the new TV advert.

Rhys commented: “Im overjoyed to be able to support Movember, Ive grown a moustache a few times in support of the charity in the past and I think Whatever You Grow is a great campaign.

Tips for growing a Mo

1. Be prepared

Aim for a style that will grace your face, but embrace the moustache that nature gives you, because whatever you grow will save a bro.

2. Be brave

The first few days, even weeks, can be uncomfortable as your Mo takes shape. Ride it out to encourage donations.

3. Ignore the itching

Remind yourself that men have endured worse in the past. You can stand a little face tickle.

4. Shape your moustache

Get across all the proper grooming techniques. A great Mo comes down to great grooming.

5. Nurture it and keep it clean

Look after your Mo, and your Mo will look after you.

“Its a fun one for men particularly to get on board with to support their brothers who are suffering, and to raise awareness for conditions that might affect any of us, or if not us someone we know and love.”

Every year 10,000 men die of prostate cancer – one an hour – and suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 50.

Those who are planning to join in with Movember should sign up here and start with a cleanly shaven face on Friday 1 November.

After that, its as simple as letting their moustache grow for the rest of the month.

Those taking part can ask friends, family, or colleagues to back their Mo by donating.

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