Martin Bashir has X Factor Celebrity fans in tears as he reveals his late brother is the reason he joined the show


MARTIN Bashir has had X Factor: Celebrity viewers in tears tonight after revealing his late brother is the reason he signed up for the show.

The journalist – who is best known for interviewing huge stars like Michael Jackson and Princess Diana – sang L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole in front of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger as well as a host of super producers and song writers.

Martin Bashir revealed the emotional reason he was on the show

But it was the broadcaster’s emotional words about his brother Tommy who died in 1991 that had viewers in tears.

He said: “The real reason though why I’m here is that I’m one of five children.

“My precious brother Tommy was born with muscular dystrophy and when you’re a child and you fight over toys aged four he never fights back.

“And by the time he’s 13, he can’t feed himself, you feel that you have no excuse for turning down opportunities.

Nicole was visibly emotional at Martin’s words
Simon was affected by Martin’s loss too


“Tommy died in 1991 and every time I’ve faced a challenge, I’ve heard him whispering, ‘What excuse do you have? You don’t have an excuse. You’ve never sung but someone’s come to you and said give it a shot.’

“And that’s my motivation.”

He later added: “It’s so hard to talk about that without weeping.”

Nicole was in tears as Martin’s emotional words, while his rivals said: “He’s stolen everyone’s hearts.”

Simon told him: “Your story meant a lot.”

Songwriting legend Diane Warren said: “That’s my favourite.”

Viewers were in tears at the moment with one tweeting: “Martin Bashir #XFactorCelebrity”