Simon Cowells ex Jasmine Lennard announces shes engaged to billionaire with incredible 800,000 ring


STUNNING TV star and socialite Jasmine Lennard has announced her engagement – with a jaw-dropping 800,000 sparkler.

The former wild-child model is to tie the knot with a billionaire businessman.

Jasmine met her billionaire fiance at a dinner party

She is proudly wearing a staggering 12 and a half carat ring – a dazzling ten carat radiant cut diamond set in two-and-a-half carat of smaller diamonds.

After being linked with stars including Simon Cowell, Ronaldo and Dave Navarro, Jasmine is settling down with Saudi defence industry guru Mohammed Al Saif.

The 34-year-old told HOAR: He ticks every box for me.

Hes everything I ever wished for and I feel very, very, very lucky marrying the most amazing man and love of my life.

Jasmine’s amazing ring is worth 800,000

The loved-up couple are planning to walk down the aisle in London on New Years Eve surrounded by family and friends.

The sultry star won an army of fans appearing in hit shows including Make Me a Supermodel and Celebrity Big Brother.

Mum-of-one Jasmine, who was pursued from behind bars by Britains most violent criminal Charles Bronson, has long since ditched her days of reality TV, turning down a long-list of recent offers.

She revealed Mohammed, 32, won her heart after nursing her through a year of hell.

Jasmine was linked to Simon Cowell in the mid 00’s

The couple, who have dated for three years, cemented their future together after coping with the death in June of Jasmines businessman father Brian Lennard, the founder of Sacha shoes who helped establish Gamblers Anonymous in the UK.

She has also endured a near-death struggle with chronic illness endometriosis, and fought a vicious tropical disease.

Jasmine, who has a nine-year-old son Phoenix with Crazy Town singing star Seth Binzer, said: I have been through a brutal time.

Ive spent a vast amount of time in hospital having multiple operations for my endometriosis over the last 18 months.

Jasmine says her son Phoenix hero worships her new fiance

Then I suffered terribly after I rescued a stray kitten in Dubai and got a one-in-a-million tropical disease.

My Dad dying was the most painful and traumatising experience of my life.

Ive had hard times, but Mohammed has been my rock throughout.

I dont know what I wouldve done without this man in the last year. I wouldnt have got through it.

The pair live together in Dubai

I was so sick from the disease the cat gave me I thought I was going to die. It was horrendous and my body is covered in scars Ill have for life.

I had to evacuate my home and throw away all my furniture and clothing because the house was contaminated by fleas from the cat.

But Mohammed has been there for me through it all. When I was at my lowest and sickest, he was there.

Hes ride or die for me. Hes my best friend.

Jasmine shares her son Phoenix with Shifty Shellshock from the band Crazy Town

Photos of the duo show them kissing and cuddling together on a sun-kissed beach and in a swimming pool.

Emotional Jasmine, the former face of Goddard underwear, went on: I really worked out who my people are when my dad died. There were some ex-partners and friends who I was sure would reach out and send condolences but didnt, and others who were there for me when I didnt expect it.

It has helped me separate the real from the fake and crass in the showbiz-led life Im now leaving behind.

Jasmine, who starred in Guy Ritchies 2005 crime flick Revolver, told how she met her hubby-to-be in London through a mutual pal at a dinner party.

She also dated Ronaldo

Mohammed returned home to Dubai but they stayed in touch messaging night and day, leaving us longing for more.

She said: I started flying to the emirate more often to visit him and spend time together. We just fell more and more in love.

After my various ordeals I moved into his house to take some time out, and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Its a good place for me to be and I spend most of my time there now.

Jasmine also dated Jane’s Addiction star Dave Navarro in 2012

The crucial test for Jasmine before any chance of a lasting future together was seeing how handsome Mohammed got on with her son and Mum, Royal Shakespeare Company actress Marilyn Galsworthy who also starred in Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

She said: My son Phoenix instantly hero-worshipped Mohammed.

He loves him deeply, and vice versa.

Mohammed has invested so much time and effort into making my son happy, which in turn makes me happy.

Jasmine says he’s saved her life after a tough year

Hes everything I could wish for in a husband and most importantly in a role-model for my son.

I was very careful never to bring any men around my son. I didn’t want to be one of those women who brought a different man back every week, like Katie Price – I find that gross and disturbing, and damaging to the kids.

Jasmine told of her previous high-profile relationships which have made headlines for a decade.

The socialite – pals with stars Paris and Nicky Hilton, actress Courtenay Semel, daughter of Yahoo boss Terry Semel, and the late tragic heiress Casey Johnson – said: It took me the last nine years to find the one.

Jasmine’s ring is bigger than Meghan Markle’s

Ive spent the time focused on raising my son and being a good mummy.

My past relationship history is really not a good representation of my intelligence.

It has been a horror story full of narcissists and bullies – both mentally and physically abusive relationships.

Ive met a lot of monsters in my life and it has all been a hell of a rollercoaster ride.

The CBB star says her new man is the love of her life

But at the end of it, when I was wanting to give up and didnt believe in love anymore, this man came into my life and saved me in so many ways.
I have no doubt in my mind Mohammeds my soul mate.

I forgot what it was like to feel happy. He literally saved my life by loving me at my lowest ebb.

Jasmine went on: I’ve made terrible choices in the past but I think everyone gets what they deserve in the end.

I deserved a happy ending and so did my son, so my heart feels full.

While I’m still mourning my Daddy and missing him every day, my heart is full of love.

I have the most amazing fianc and son and I’m so happy and madly in love. It’s a good feeling, I feel grateful.

The bride-to-be told how she was rendered speechless by her engagement ring – from Kinvara Law Jewellery based in Londons gems headquarters Hatton Garden.
She said: The ring is outrageous and bigger than the royals or celebs would wear.

Its bigger than Meghan Markles. Maybe not the rings worn by Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, but they are legends so Im okay with that.

Jasmine says she loves how close Mohammed is to her son

The rings worth around one million dollars. I was overwhelmed when presented with it, and feel spoiled rotten.

The truth is I would have married him had he proposed with a Haribo sweet ring. But hes so generous and kind and Im so grateful.

Weve applied for a marriage licence at Chelsea Town Hall and were not going to wait.

We both want to be married as soon as possible – signed and sealed.

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