The Chases Jenny Ryan reveals she cant remember her X Factor: Celebrity audition because The Vixen took control of her body

Jenny Ryan told how her alter-ego The Vixen embodied her during her X Factor: Celebrity performance

THE Chase’s Jenny Ryan can’t remember her X Factor: Celebrity audition – because “The Vixen took over”.

The brainy star told how her quiz master alter-ego embodied her as she belted out a song in front of Simon Cowell on his re-vamped show.

Jenny will be seen in the first episode of the ITV series tomorrow night at 8:35pm – and we can reveal she’ll blow viewers away with her sensational vocals.

But she admitted today on Good Morning Britain that her performance was a complete blur.

Speaking about being The Vixen, she said: “The Vixen is in control, she’s very calm, she knows her territory, it’s intimidation, you have to be the boss of that room.”

And speaking about walking on stage in front of Simon’s music industry pals, she said: “It was the Vixen who pushed me out of the door.

She said: “From that point I don’t actually remember what happened, when I see the episode it will be like watching it for the first time.”

Jenny admitted to Sun Online that she’s coming for The Chase host Bradley Walsh’s crown after showcasing her sensational singing voice on X Factor: Celebrity.

The telly genius wants to nab a record deal and told Sun Online if Bradley, 59, can do it, then so can she.

The Chase’s Jenny Ryan will stun fans when she sings on X Factor: Celebrity on Saturday night

Jenny’s bellowing vocals took Simon Cowell by surprise when she auditioned in his back garden in Malibu in August.

In front of a lawn full of industry big-wigs, the 37-year-old’s incredible set of pipes had fellow judges Louis Walsh and Nicole Sherzinger on their feet.

Viewers will see her jaw-dropping performance on Saturday night, as Bolton-born Jenny admitted she is in it to win.

Speaking about potentially winning a record deal with Syco, she said: “Brad has a record deal, he’s got albums out, he’s got Doctor Who and he presents every other programme sometimes when you are watching of a weekend.”

Jenny introduces herself to music industry big wigs in Malibu in Simon’s back garden as ‘a professional crusher of dreams’

Simon Cowell was shocked by Jenny’s vocals

She said: “Im sure he wont mind me saying it, he’s got a couple of decades on me. So Im sure Ive got the energy (for both).”

However, Jenny admitted that if it wasn’t for Bradley she may never have accepted Simon’s offer of going on X Factor: Celebrity.

She said: “I always enjoyed singing but I was never convinced that I had a big voice like that, that was distinctive, I just thought I can sing in the choir …

“From the time I joined The Chase he’s always encouraged me to push myself and to explore whatever opportunities I am given.

Bradley Walsh released a Gold-selling album in 2016 and was invited to celebrate his success at the Brit Awards
The Chase star Jenny said that host Bradley has encouraged her to snap up every opportunity, but she was initially terrified of singing in front of people

“That’s one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to audition in the first place. I’ve held myself back a lot for a lack of confidence.

“And that situation, you push yourself forward to take the challenge. Its a learning experience whatever happens.”

Four Love Island stars, Hayley Hasselhoff, Martin Bashir and Glee’s Kevin McHale are set to perform on Saturday night.

The X Factor: Celebrity begins on Saturday, October 12th at 8.35pm on ITV.