X Factor: Celebrity fans call for show to be axed after Simon Cowell changes the rules AGAIN


FURIOUS X Factor: Celebrity fans are calling for the show to be axed after Simon Cowell changed the rules again.

The judge faced one of his acts being eliminated, with No Love Lost and V5 in the sing off.

Simon Cowell made the decision without anyone knowing

However, when Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh chose to save V5 over Love Island super-group No Love Lost, Simon Cowell decided to change the rules to allow the most popular eliminated band to compete in the final.

The decision was made on the fly as the music mogul admitted to not consulting anyone on the decision.

He said: “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. No one’s agreed to this. But when we get to whoever’s goiing to be in the final, I’m going to put a public vote for whoever is the most popular loser in the final.

“So even though you’re out, there’s still a chance you could be in the final.”

No Love Lost were devastated by the news
V5 made it through to sing another day

Fans were not happy with the decision, with some even calling for the show to be axed.

One person wrote: “The X Factor is a mess. @ITV NEED to axe it now. Simon Cowell is the problem and is the reason why theres only 3 million people watching. #XFactorCelebrity #XFactor”

Another added: “Flicked on X Factor Celebrity to see Simon changing the rules to suit himself and his category yet again. Some things never change, and it only reminds me why I don’t bother watching this trash anymore.”

A third said: “Simon Cowell literally goes rogue every week on X factor and makes another decision that the producers knew nothing about”

Martin Bashir was also eliminated

This isn’t the first time Simon has caused controversy on the show.

Last week, EastEnders star Jonny Labey was sent home after Simon took the judge’s vote into a deadlock.

They were forced to choose between him and Martin Bashir, who battled it out in the dance off.

But Simon chose to take the decision to the public – despite fans being told there would be no deadlock this series.

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