X Factor: Celebrity fans rage after Jenny Ryan is snubbed as Megan McKenna, Love Islanders and Try Star go through


X FACTOR: Celebrity fans raged online after Jenny Ryan didn’t get through to the live show after showcasing her incredible vocals last week.

Viewers took to Twitter to moan that The Chase star was one of the three to get sent home.

Hayley Hasslehoff and Cole & Edwards were also sent home but viewers didn’t seem to care about them.

One viewer said: “Jenny was incredible on #XFactorCelebrity But in the shows tradition, the good ones are always sent home.Croc of s**t”

Another said: “I said if Jenny didnt get through in #XFactorCelebrity Id never watch it again. Turned it off and wont be tuning in next week. If she had a sob story shed of made the lives. Done”

One more tweeted: “Home alone watching #XFactorCelebrity and outraged that Jenny didnt get through. So outraged I had to tweet about it. Not sure which of those is more embarrassing. ”

More fans threatened to switch off as another said: “Done with this show now, Jenny was fantastic and you let us down. Bad decision. ”

Nicole Sherzinger broke the news to Jenny that she hadn’t picked her for the overs category

Try Star is made up of Ben Foden, Thom Evans and Levi Davis
Love Actually star Olivia got through after being allowed to sing two songs

There are three categories taking part in the live shows, Groups, Unders (27 and younger) and Overs (28 and older).

Ex Towie star Megan McKenna, EastEnders actor Jonny Labey, Glee’s Kevin McHale, and Love Actually’s Olivia Olson have made it through and make up Louis Walsh’s Unders category.

Simon Cowell is mentoring the Groups, which are social media influencers V5, Love Island 2018 alumni The Islanders, rugby hunks Try Star, and YouTuber twins Max and Harvey.

Finally, Nicole Scherzinger’s Overs category welcomed actor and footballer Vinnie Jones, journalist Martin Bashir, chat show host Ricki Lake, and Corrie star Victoria Ekanoye.

Megan McKenna cried as Simon told her she had smashed her audition

After being forced to skip auditions at Simon Cowell’s mansion due to the tragic death of his wife, Vinnie Jones, 53, has been fast-tracked to the live shows as the final Overs act in Nicole’s category.

Vinnie revealed that it was wife Tanya who pushed him to sign up to the show in the first place.

Speaking about being asked to audition for X Factor: Celebrity, Vinnie said: “Tans (Tanya) pushed me really Simon, we knew it was all going on, and I put it to the family and Tan was very excited about it.”

Tanya died at the age of 53 at her home in Los Angeles on July 6 2019 following a six-year battle with cancer.

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