Carl Woods still can’t believe Katie Price is his girlfriend after having pictures of Jordan on his wall as a teenager


CARL Woods has admitted he still can’t believe Katie Price is his girlfriend – after having pictures of her alter ego Jordan on his wall as a teenager.

The Love Island star has been dating the former Page Three model for four months.

Carl Woods has been dating Katie Price for four months

Carl, 31, joined his girlfriend in a new video for their YouTube channel, The Adventures Of Katie And Carl, to give fans a behind the scenes look of their first ever photoshoot together.

As he got ready, Carl spoke to the camera and said: “If you’d had told me when I was a teenager – cause I always had photos on my wall of Katie as Jordan, as I’m sure most lads did in the country…

“And if you’d have told me I’d be doing a photoshoot with her as my girlfriend, I would have told you to f**k right off.

“I’d have never believed you – but here we are.”

Carl admits he had pictures of Jordan on his wall as a teen

Carl reckons his teenage self would never have believed his life now

But reality seems to settling in for Carl, who is already making baby and marriage plans with the mum-of-five.

The pair have even had tattoos of each other’s faces inked on their arms.

The smitten couple got the huge tattoos as Katie, 42, said they’ll be together “forever”.

HOAR Online exclusively revealed in July that Katie and Carl have been dating since June after a mutual friend set them up.

In the short time they’ve been dating Carl has had to help Katie adapt to life with two broken feet.

Katie is currently recovering from a horrific accident on holiday in Turkey that saw her break both her feet and now has to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Carl has been Katie’s support as she adapts to life with two broken feet

Earlier this week Carl revealed he has to ‘hold her over the sink to pee’.

Carl told OK! magazine: “The broken feet has not been easy. Obviously, got thrown in the deep end with the broken feet.

“I’ve had to hover Kate over the sink while she pisses all over me because she couldn’t get on the toilet.”

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