Georgia Harrison reveals she was homeless living in her car before using manifestation to turn her life around


GEORGIA Harrison has revealed she was homeless and forced to live in her car before using manifestation to transform herself into a successful TV star.

The 25-year-old stunner is best known for her stints on Love Island, Celebrity Ex on the Beach and The Only Way is Essex – but as a teenager she was sleeping rough as she struggled to afford rent.

Georgia Harrison was living in her car before finding fame

In an exclusive interview with HOAR, Georgia told how she was forced out of a flat share in Marbella, Spain, with nowhere to stay. She kept her belongings in the back of her car and had to sneak into a nearby hotel to go for a wash.

Despite being at her lowest and scared for her safety, Georgia used the law of attraction to visualise what she wanted to achieve in life to get her out of a messy situation – and it certainly paid off.

The well-known telly personality, with one million Instagram followers, has just launched her very own lash serum called Georgia By Executive Styles as she makes her mark on the beauty industry.

“My life wasn’t in the best place,” Georgia told HOAR.

Georgia has turned her life around

“I was living in Marbella with a friend and this guy who would have really crazy parties with strangers coming in and out of our room in the night. It was scary.

“In the end after a massive argument we had to leave, but we had just given him a whole month’s rent. We didn’t have enough money to live somewhere else, so we literally moved into my car.

“We had to wash in a nearby hotel. At one point security even caught us and said ‘we know you don’t stay here’ and they chased us out, it was crazy.

“I would go to work in a club all night, it was so stressful. One time I came back to the car to sleep and it had been towed with everything we owned inside.

“That’s the point I was at, but I turned my whole life around within a year.”

She starred in 2020’s Celebrity Ex on the Beach

Georgia says she believes in the power of the universe – and what you put in, you get out.

After hitting rock bottom, Georgia stared to visualise the life she wanted and just twelve months later she took her first steps into reality TV.

“I had never visualised what I wanted before, I was just drifting through life and hoping for the best,” said Georgia.

“Then I thought about wanting to go onto The Only Way is Essex because that’s where I’m from, but I didn’t have any connections to the show at all.

“Before I knew it, before even trying, I was meeting people in production on Towie and one day I got a phone call asking if I wanted to film with them in Ibiza in the next two weeks.

“When I look back I genuinely think I attracted that for myself.

She has been keeping fit in lockdown

“It wasn’t like I went looking for it and asked people to go on, they came to me and things just fell into place.

“But at the time I wouldn’t have admitted it to anyone because they would have thought I was weird.”

Towie was Georgia’s first shot at reality TV fame and she hasn’t looked back since.

She was snapped up for the third series of Love Island and earlier this year made it to the final of Celeb Ex on the Beach alongside a whole host of famous faces.

The 25-year-old starred in Love Island series 3

Georgia with her ex Sam Gowland on Love Island

“Once I started to attract things my belief got stronger and now I attract more and more into my life,” said Georgia.

 “If you are in that state when you think the world is against you, things do just get worse.”

Still to this day, Georgia writes down ten things she is grateful for every day.

She also keeps a crystal close to her bed and before going to sleep holds it while thinking of the three best things that happened that day.

“I believe completely in the law of attraction and everything works off the back of a vibration.

Georgia says she always writes down what she is grateful for in life

“If I meditate about having or seeing something, I believe the universe will give it back to me at the time that it’s meant to come.

“Negative people will never understand, but I know for a fact anyone can achieve whatever they want with a bit of faith, time and practice.”

Starting up a business had always been on Georgia’s “wants” list and after heading out to Los Angeles for work opportunities, she met the owner of an Argon oil company for haircare on her first night.

Georgia has launched her very own lash serum

After using it on her eyelashes, Georgia was stunned at how it helped to grow them out.

She got back in touch with the guy she’d met and they got to work on producing a lash serum.

“I sold out in four days on my pre-sale, it’s doing so well,” said chuffed Georgia.

“I’m really excited to move girls from the fake individual lash look into growing their own lashes and stop damaging them so much. Sometimes less is more so if they can grow natural lashes with this serum it will be so much better.”

“It’s given people time to embrace their natural look without all the fake eyelashes. They’re good for a holiday or an event, but not to wear all the time.

“Even if you want to keep wearing lashes, you can use the serum in between to help protect them.”

Georgia’s new, £36 argon oil-based lash serum causes lashes to grow in less than four weeks, leaving them feeling more durable, radiant and healthier than ever. Find out more here.