Laura Whitmore says she will never get over Caroline Flack’s death


LAURA Whitmore says she will never get over Caroline Flack’s death.

The TV presenter admitted she is still “working through the grief” in a new interview with The Times magazine six months after Caroline tragically took her own life.

Caroline Flack passed away in February

Laura, 35, said: “I’m still working through the grief of Caroline’s passing. The past six months are a blur.

“I haven’t fully coped with it. I don’t think I ever will.”

Caroline passed on February 15th aged 40 after stepping down as the host of Love Island.

She killed herself a day after she had learned that the CPS was pursuing charges that she allegedly attacked her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, with a lamp.

Laura Whitmore says she is still coping with Caroline’s untimely death

Laura had already signed on to host the first winter series of Love Island and was working on the show with boyfriend Iain Stirling when Caroline died.

“Caroline was very good to me. Before I even got offered Love Island, she messaged me saying, ‘I really hope you get the job.’

“I love doing it, but the circumstances of being offered it were the worst you could possibly imagine,” she added.

The Irish presenter previously said Caroline’s death had frightened her because she had always believed her friend could brush off negative comments about her life.

Laura’s boyfriend Iain Stirling worked closely with Caroline on Love Island for the past four series

“It’ll never be OK and it’ll never be right. It did scare me,” she told Cosmopolitan.

“She was so strong-willed and feisty and I remember thinking, ‘God, I wish I could be as strong as her.’

“I felt like if people said things, it wouldn’t bother her. But obviously it did, because everyone is human. I don’t want to speculate reasons because nobody will ever know… but it did frighten me.”