Love Island couple set to be dumped from the villa TOMORROW and viewers claim they know who it is

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ONE couple will be dumped from the villa tomorrow in a shock Love Island elimination.

The axing follows two recouplings in just two days as relationships in the villa are have been pushed to the limit.

One couple will be eliminated tomorrow

Viewers are predicting it will be Amber and Josh

The power was put in viewers’ hands, with them having the opportunity to vote for their favourite couple.

It means the pairing with the least votes will say their goodbyes tomorrow.

Some at home think the outcome is obvious after Amber Wise and Josh Brocklebank ended the show as a friendship couple with zero romantic connection.

One fan said: “I’m sorry but amber and josh is definitely getting dumped.”

Another said: “Josh is going to be fuming he’s coupled up with someone who’s being dumped next. Bye Amber & Josh.”

At the end of tonight’s show, Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde had a major row after new bombshell Ella Barnes opened up to the Scottish model about her brief fling with Ty outside of the villa.

When news filtered back to Tyrique about the girls’ chat he was furious that Ella seemed to be siding with her namesake, rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He stormed off and insisted things were done between them, but it isn’t the first time the headstrong footballer has said as much.

The boys rallied around him on the outdoor bed, and he admitted he was on the verge of telling Ella he loved her before the latest drama kicked off.

Will the fall out play on viewers’ minds, or have they enough history to see them through this elimination?

Elsewhere, Sammy and Jess also clashed before patching things up and coupling up once more.

Jess wasted no time setting new bombshell Josh Brocklebank straight following Friday’s shock recoupling, telling him that her head was very much with Sammy.

He respected her honesty and gave her a tight hug and peck on the cheek to show he held no hard feelings.

But Jess was less than enthused by Sammy’s lukewarm attitude towards their romance later in the evening.

She told him she felt she “owed it to herself” to talk to Josh because she hadn’t been reassured enough by Sammy.

The Essex boy then admitted he struggled opening up, which frustrated Jess, who seemed to be running out of patience.

The beautician reiterated that she needs to be showered with love as Sammy kept repeating that, as “a man of his word”, him saying they are “exclusive” should be enough.

To make matters worse, he talked over during their row, which upset fans.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Sammy not listening to Jess when she says she doesn’t feel reassured, is a massive red flag. Jess why are you still there?”

Another posted: “Those doubts are red flags Jess. Run.”

A third said: “Sammy has the emotional intelligence of a pea. So jarring.”

Others felt the pair have been having the same conversation for weeks now and urged them both to either commit or move on.

Tyrique fell out with Ella Thomas tonight

Ella was reduced to tears