Love Island fans baffled as they spot Tyrique’s ‘weird’ reaction every time he argues with Ella


LOVE Island fans have been left scratching their heads after noticing a weird habit of Tyrique Hyde’s in the villa.

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that whenever tension flares between Tyrique and Ella Thomas, he always has the same reaction.

Love Island fans have spotted Tyrique Hyde’s ‘weird’ habit

The islander checks his phone after rowing with Ella – despite having no WiFi

Despite being cut off from the outside world, the semi-professional footballer, 23, reaches into his pocket and grabs his phone.

He then intently scrolls through it, despite having no internet access.

The mobile phones in the Love Island villa can only be used to snap photos and to receive calls and texts from production staff.

As a result, fans are baffled by what Tyrique is doing. One even described it as “muscle memory”.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer shared a clip of Tyrique walking away from a row, saying: “Tyrique loves going on his Wi-Fi(less) phone when he’s upset after an argument.”

Someone replied: “This is probably just muscle memory for him loool!”

Another added: “Like what u doing? Checking the time?”

The same conversation has also been had on Reddit.

One fan posted on the chat forum: “Noooo when Ella came back with Ouzy and he went away to go on his phone, what are you checking?? The calculator????”

Tyrique is likely to have been glued to his mobile phone in the past 24 hours following an explosive row with Ella T.

Things reached fever pitch after she had a conversation about new bombshell, Ella Barnes, and their past.

Championship dancer Ella B told fashion model Ella T: “He did say to me, ‘It’s a shame it was our last kiss’.”

When confronted by an unhappy Ella T, semi pro footballer Tyrique was raging.

“I don’t even know the girl that much,” the 24-year-old said.

“I closed the girl down. What do you not understand? So what, all the progress and communication we’ve got has just gone out the window?”

Fashion model Ella, 23, replied: “I’m actually exhausted.”

Tyrique then shot back, ‘What the f***? Sack it off then’, before storming off to confront Ella B.

He later let his feelings show in the Beach Hut.

Exasperated, he shouted: “I’ve said to Ella before, ‘If you can’t trust me, then let’s just leave this.

“I’m sick and tired of it, to be honest with you. I don’t see the point of having these feelings.”

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Tyrique had a blazing row with Ella on Sunday night

Ella told him she was ‘exhausted’ after confronting him about Ella Barnes