Love Island fans spot clue villa boy will ‘dump girl’ after reunion show – did you see it?


LOVE Island fans are convinced one couple will be the first to split after noticing a clue on the reunion show.

During their interview with host Maya Jama, Casey O’Gorman, 26 and Rosie Seabrook,24, created an awkward silence when asked how things were going since leaving the villa.

Casey was incredibly awkward when discussing his relationship with Rosie

Casey and Rosie did their best to squash rumours of a split

The couple appeared to freeze when asked the question prompting Rosie to fill the gap, and Casey answered first.

Casey then revealed that instead of spending time with Rosie he was going to have quality time with his friends and family.

He said: “We got back and we literally said to each other that we were just going to see friends and family for the week.”

He added: “It’s all a bit overwhelming when you come back, erm, that was the plan but… we’ve got a date on Tuesday.”

Viewers said the pair lacked chemistry, and one Tweeted: “Casey deffo dumps Rosie as soon as this ends #loveisland.”

A second said: “I’m calling it now that date Casey and Rosie are going on Tuesday is to call it quits haha”

And another added: “There is no way Casey and Rosie will be/are an item! Their body language was tangible!”

But this is not the first time that their relationship has been called into question.

While on the show Ron remarked to Rosie that Casey needed to spend more time with her if they stood a chance of making it on the outside world.

And most recently, Rosie was a no show when Casey reunited with fellow Islanders Aaron, Tom and Samie – fuelling rumours that they had already split.

During an Instagram Q&A he was asked: “How are you and Rosie doing?”

Casey replied: “All is good. We flew back together, as well as Will and Jessie. But we’re both just spending time with families at the moment.”

Ron was accused of meddling in Casey and Rosie’s relationship

Casey was accused of wanting to spend too much time with Islanders Tom and Will