Love Island fans spot Sophie was too scared to cheer new boys in the villa because of controlling Connor


LOVE Island fans have spotted Sophie Piper was too scared to cheer new boys in the villa because of “controlling” Connor Durman.

While all the girls celebrated at news of Luke T and Luke M’s arrival, Sophie let out a scream before telling herself off.

Love Island fans think Connor Durman is ‘controlling’ Sophie Piper

She said: “Sorry I need to stop screaming like that…”

Pal Jess quipped: “Yeah, Connor’s in over-thinking mode.”

Sophie laughed, but kept quiet after the last time Connor lost his temper for celebrating when it was announced Connagh was joining the villa.

He spied Sophie with her hands in the air and a big smile on her face when it was announced two new boys are joining the villa.

He looked fuming about the girls’ reaction to new boys coming in
Sophie laughed nervously after realising she ‘screamed too loudly’

Unable to let it go, Connor pulled Sophie for a chat – and it ended with him storming off in a huff.

Fans were furious about his reaction and said it was a “warning sign” for trouble ahead.

Last night, fans saw another red flag when Connor threateningly said: “F***ing hell, chill out girls.

“We didn’t go that mad when one bird came in.

The couple have a very rocky relationship
Sophie storms out during tonight’s episode
The pair had a heated row

“It would be nice to see how Sophie goes about it again.

“If she’s keen to get to know people again…”

Although he said it seriously, all the boys started to laugh at Connor’s insecurity.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Connor is seen confronting Sophie about her reaction.

He said: “It did annoy me because it felt like you were rubbing it in my face.”

Sophie replied: “I don’t really know what else to say.”

Connor then tells mutual pal Shaughna: “I’m going to lose my s*** soon, I know it. It’s winding me up.”

He’s later seen saying: “She’s just f***ing walked off mate” as Sophie is seen storming out of the villa.