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Love Island fans work out ‘real reason’ Ella kicks off explosive row with Whitney


LOVE Island fans think they have uncovered the ‘real reason’ behind Ella Thomas and Whitney Adebayo’s explosive kick-off.

Tensions between the ladies appeared to reach fever pitch when the show’s first look appeared to show the pair come to blows.

Ella kicks off with Whitney in Love Island

Will the pair make pals?

The Islanders appeared to go head-to-head with one another but fans think there is a deeper reason behind the kick-off.

In the tense exchange, Whitney brands her former bestie Ella as the “most selfish person” she’s ever met.

Whitney tells the Scottish model, who is coupled with Tyrique: “I have never met a selfish person like you.”

Blanching at her words, Ella replies: “That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.”

However, Whitney scolds her, saying: “You know I only tell the truth.”

Stunned by her remark, Ella tells her: “You actually think you’re family the way you speak to me and it’s not okay.”

The row appears to have stemmed from earlier in the day when Ella tried to use the shower when she knew Whitney had been waiting.

However, fans think that Ella chose to argue with her co-star after she chose to keep controversial Ella Barnes in the villa despite the two Ella’s having already come to blows.

In a show twist, Maya Jama revealed that Whitney, 25, and her partner Lochan, also 25, had been voted the top couple by the public.

As a result, they were able to dump either Kady McDermott, 27, and Ouzy See, 28, or Ella Barnes, 23, and Mitchel Taylor, 26,

Whitney and Lochan opted to axe Kady and Ouzy leaving Ella B in the villa.

Ella B had previously caused a stir with original Ella after boasting about her alleged history with Tyrique.

She continued to bring him up and talk about their potential connection despite Tyrique shutting her down almost immediately.

With Whitney keeping her in, fans have ‘uncovered’ this as being the catalyst behind the fiery row.

One fan said: “I know OG Ella is p***ed off about new Ella being there hence why she’s defending Abi sooo much.”

Another added: “If Whitney really rated OG ELLA like that, she’d have sent Ella B home.”

A third shared: “I felt like she turned a bit on Whitney last night, but I believe it’s more to do with Whitney being the favourite. Which is why we got the ” I love you” not.”

As a fourth questioned: “Ella & Tyrique are WEIRD for calling Whitney & Lochan Smug like why are they coming for Whitney and Lochan tho?

“They both have never been smug I honestly don’t get why Ty & Ella are all of a sudden coming for Whitney and Lochan, I thought Ella was Whitney’s girl.”