Love Island feud explodes as Kady McDermott has blazing row and gets told ‘you’re a liar’

Love Island feud explodes as Kady McDermott has blazing row live on Instagram and gets told ‘you’re a liar’, ,

LOVE Island star Kady McDermott got told ‘you’re a liar’ in a furious back and forth with co-star Mitchel Taylor.

The pair clashed after Kady, 27, revealed on a podcast that Mitch was a Love Island “superfan” and had applied for the show four times.

Mitch branded Kady a ‘liar’ as the pair argued over Instagram

Kady said Mitch had applied to Love Island four times and was a ‘superfan’

Gas engineer Mitch clapped back on an Instagram Live on Thursday, branding Kady “two-faced”.

During a heated exchange, Kady said: “Because I answer questions that were asked to me. How dare I answer questions.”

Mitch replied: “It’s alright, wait until my podcast and then I’ll return the smoke.”

Looking confused, Kady hit back: “But I’ve not done anything to you, so I don’t really get it.”

Mitch quickly replied: “You have…you said you need to keep me at arms reach, I’m a superfan…I’ve watched the series in my life.

“I didn’t even know who you were when you came in.

“That was out of order that.”

Kady fired back: “There’s nothing wrong with that,” to which Mitch interjected: “There’s a lot wrong with that when it’s not true and you’ve just said it.”

The fiery brunette continued: “I got told you applied for four series in a row, so I thought you were a superfan.”

Mitch laughed and said: “Also false,” which prompted Kady to say: “It’s someone who works for Love Island said that but I don’t care Mitch, you know I don’t give a s***.

“I think you’re great, I think you’re the best character on the f****** show.

“I like you, so it’s not that deep.”

He smirked and said: “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Kady continued: “I thought we were fine Sunday, I’m really upset.”

He went on: “I thought we were. I THOUGHT you were great,” with Kady adding: “I THOUGHT you were great too.”

He laughed, before saying: “But seriously, I will respond to podcasts though for sure.

“The podcast is for answering the questions you want to answer.”

Kady said: “Trust me, there was a lot I had to cut.

“Do you know what, it’s not that I don’t like anyone, I was saying this to Leah earlier, I actually love everyone.

“If people ask me questions, like who was the messiest or whatever, I just answer them honestly.

“It doesn’t mean it’s right, it’s just my opinion.”

Mitch then took aim at Kady’s post villa chats on different podcasts.

“It is mental how much you’ve been on smoke, I can’t lie,” he said.

Trying to defend herself, she said: “I’ve only been on two podcasts.”

Mitch responded: “You’ve been on loads…it must just be snippets that I’ve seen from different ones.

“I looks like you’ve been on about 10.”

It comes after Kady took a catty swipe at bombshell Ella B after her partner Mitch suggested she was “fake.”

Kady – who returned to the current ITV2 matchmaking series and left with partner Ouzy See, 24 – has had her say.

She took to her x account, formerly known as Twitter, to sarcastically write: “Now you just notice Mitch???? Bombastic side eye.”

Meanwhile, Kady recently hit out at Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki’s relationship, by comparing them to 2019 series winners, Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea who only last a week on the outside.

Mitch slammed Kady’s comments as ‘false’