Love Island ‘feud’ exposed as fans spot Tyrique’s shady comment to rival in challenge

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LOVE Island’s latest “feud” has been revealed – and Tyrique Hyde is at the heart of the drama.

The semi-professional footballer from Essex, 23, made a catty comment during a particularly fiery episode in which Whitney Adebayo branded Ella Thomas the “most selfish” person she knows.

Love Island’s Tyrique Hyde has been called out for a catty comment towards Whitney Adebayo

It came after Whitney locked horns with Ty’s partner Ella Thomas

Tyrique referred to Lochan as he told Whitney ‘nice guys can hurt you too’

It also followed Tyrique calling out Whitney and partner Lochan Nowacki – when Tyrique suggested that the “wrong decision” had been made after they chose to save Mitchel Taylor, 26, and Ella Barnes, 23.

He has now seemingly stirred the pot with Whitney following her spat with his partner Ella.

Ty could be heard telling her in the Love Island challenge: “Nice guys can hurt you too.”

He was referring to Lochan – who many stars chose to ‘marry’ them in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.

Fans have already hailed them their “winners” already.

Loyal ITV2 viewers were quick to pick up on his words.

One took to Reddit to muse: “Ty’s Comment To Whitney During The Challenge Was Weird.”

A second remarked: “‘Nice guys can hurt you too’ is such projection. Says the guy who has 100 bodies, never been in a serious relationship and has mugged off Ella countless times.”

A third put: “Yes. Tyrique has been the biggest game player since day 1. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

One wrote: “I’m convinced Ty is plotting on other people’s downfalls; he’s just bad vibes,” as another put: “Ty does this kind of thing so much. He will make an out of pocket comment then be like YEAH AND WHAT IM HONEST THOUGH!! Like not every thought has to come out of your mouth always.”

One then added: “He targets people he sees as threats and it’s very obvious to see!”

Ty was clearly eager to stick up for his girlfriend after her spat with Whitney.

The two women had been fast friends up until this point so viewers are sure to be left wondering exactly what happened.

The episode saw Whitney tell the Scottish model, who is coupled with Tyrique: “I have never met a selfish person like you.”

Blanching at her words, Ella replied: “That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.”

However, Whitney scolded her, saying: “You know I only tell the truth.”

Stunned by her remark, Ella said: “You actually think you’re family the way you speak to me and it’s not okay.”

The row appears to have stemmed from earlier in the day when Ella tried to use the shower when she knew Whitney had been waiting.

Clearly unfazed, Whitney doubled down on her comment later in the night, replying: “I wasn’t joking Ella. Sometimes you do have selfish tendencies.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Fans suggested Tyrique’s comment was ‘weird’ and he was a ‘game player’

Whitney refused to budge after branding Ella ‘selfish’

Model Ella branded Whitney’s suggestions a ‘lie’
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