Love Island hit by MORE Ofcom complaints as furious fans accuse cast of bullying


LOVE Island has been hit by more Ofcom complaints as furious fans accuse the Islanders of bullying.

Viewers have long been accusing the cast of turning on Scott van der Sluis and they’re still not happy.

Fans think the other Islanders are bullying Scott

Zach recently made a catty comment about Scott and Abi

Catherine clashed with Scott after Movie Night

More fans have reached out to regulator Ofcom, who said: “Complaints related to alleged bullying towards Scott from the other islanders.”

Most recently Zachariah Noble made a catty comment about Scott as he got to know bombshell Abi Moores.

Zach was seen telling his co-stars: “What do they talk about? I just can’t imagine Scott’s game.”

Scott was caught up in a fiery row with Catherine Agbaje and Leah Taylor after the explosive Movie Night.

He was hurt when Leah told him that none of the Casa Amor girls wanted him.

At the time one fan tweeted: “It’s pretty rough watching. If the roles were reversed tonight (ie a popular islander) everyone would be booting off, but with him it’s clear abuse and everyone moves on with nothing said.”

Viewers have also accused Abi of “using” Scott.

The Casa Amor babe was left fuming after Mitch Taylor ditched her and set his sights on love rival Ella B.

Love Island fans now think she is using Scott to get to her former love.

In scenes that aired earlier this week, Abi was seen getting cosy in bed with Scott after he chose her in the latest recoupling.

The pair were seen wrapped around each other, with Scott stroking her face.

But fans didn’t think she was being genuine, and that she is trying to make Mitch jealous.

Viewers think Abi is faking it with Scott in the bedroom, as she had bee grafting on Mitch just moments before.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Abi wants mitch but she’s cuddling in bed with scott playing with her, this gal is playing the biggest game.”

While another one vented: “Please I don’t want Abi using Scott.”