Love Island star Jacques O’Neill’s ‘rude and disrespectful’ behaviour towards Paige is due to ADHD, says family


THE family of Jacques O’Neill has made a plea to Love Island fans to ‘be kind’ after his row with Paige Thorne.

Jacques has been labelled ‘manipulative’ after his massive row with Paige over his fling with Cheyanne Kerr, 23, in Casa Amor.

Love Island star Jacques O’Neill’s family has rushed to his defence

The rugby player has often been the target of fan abuse as he is often labelled a “red flag”, but his family have explained he was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid.

ADHD is a mental health disorder related to impulsivity and hyperactivity that interferes with day-to-day functioning, according to ADHD UK.

His sister, Karen, who is running his social media while his in the villa asked fans to be more considerate of Jacques.

Alongside a screenshot of an ADHD resource explaining how people with ADHD can seem “rude or disrespectful”.

She wrote: “Jacques was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old.

“By no means is this a get out clause for his actions but it is to show that he can fundamentally struggle with his emotions at times.

“He is an amazing person who I’m proud to call my friend/little brother.”

Karen added: “All the hate thrown towards Jacques doesn’t go to him directly….It comes to his loved ones who have always supported him and not just whilst he is on Love Island.

“Love Island, although real. Is still a show where the producers do have control and we see 45minutes out of the 1440 in 24hours.

“Please be kind.”

Love Island alum from 2021, Jake Cornish commented on the post: “Hope family and friends all ok ❤.”

A fan added: “Keep strong! There will always be haters, focus on the love! ❤.”

And a second wrote: “I did wonder about this. Makes a lot of sense now.”

Some of the impulsivity markers of adults with ADHD include emotional, dysregulation, low frustration tolerance or interrupting frequently.

Other markers include engaging in high risk behaviours to increase dopamine, which can manifest in “motivation to engage in sexual behavior of a risky and uncommitted nature”, according to scientific research.

But many ADHD resources and specialists point out that while ADHD may explain some of these behaviours it’s not an excuse for them.

“So while it appears that those with ADHD may possibly have a stronger inclination to cheat, it doesn’t necessarily make it so…” wrote Dr Stephanie Sarkis in Psychology Today.

“We have the will to choose whether or not to engage in behaviours. It may just be a little more of a challenge for people with ADHD to make that decision wisely.”

On Thursday the paramedic was left heartbroken when Cheyanne revealed that she had been kissing and flirting with the rugby player while she was away.

Jacques broke down in tears shortly after telling best pal Luca Bish, 23, that there was no point him being in the villa and he wouldn’t let her forgive him.

Then last night he took Paige aside to beg her for forgiveness.

Jacques told her: “I don’t want to lose you and it’s simple as that. I’m sorry for hurting you. I genuinely never want to hurt you again.”

He continued: “It’s literally made me realise I only want you. If you don’t feel like you want me or anything that is fine, I understand. From now on, it’s just you and that is it.”

Fans have slammed the rugby player over his row with Paige

His family argued he had trouble regulating his emotion because of his ADHD