Love Island star Mikes former fling flogs dirty knickers on eBay after their sex session in woods


LOVE Island star Mike Boateng’s former fling is flogging a pair of dirty knickers she claims she wore after they romped in the woods.

So far Lucy Danes has one bid on the mucky eBay listing, at 4.99, for the used yellow bikini thong.

Lucy Danes claims she had sex with Love Island’s Mike
She claims to have had sex with Mike from Love Island about four months ago – and is selling the knickers she said she wore

Mike, 24, is a police officer and former football player

She touted the sale on Facebook, giving more filthy details about what she claims happened with the reality show star to make some cash.

She wrote: “Around four months ago I slept with Mike from Love Island he banged me b******* in some woods.

“I’ve decided to put the pants I had on that night for sale, they still ain’t been washed, what you reckon they worth.

“Put them on eBay tag a mate that might want them.”

The aspiring model from Manchester has a collection of soiled items for sale on eBay, including swimming costumes.

And she has also posted about used tights up for grabs on her account, which she says were worn at the gym for weeks without washing.

Amid seductive posts and pictures, Lucy brazenly encouraged buyers to carry out sex acts after getting their hands on the dirty tights “full of sweat and moisture”.

The Sun Online has contacted her for comment.ITV reps declined to comment on Mike’s behalf.


Mike is a 24-year-old police officer from London, who used to play football for Sheffield United.

He coupled up withLeanne and the pair were one of the favourites to win the show – but she ended things with him and has since been eliminated.

Mike quickly moved on to Jess Galeand stole her fromLuke Mabbott.

But just as Mike and Jess got together the couple were split due to the introduction ofCasa Amor.

Mike’s older brother Samuel competed on the hit BBC show The Apprentice in 2016.

He made it to week 11 before being fired by Lord Sugar.

She has listed a used bikini thong on eBay up for sale, with one bid at 4.99

The aspiring model posts fitness and provocative pictures of herself on social media
She claims to have slept with the reality star about four months ago, before he went on the show
She touted used clothing and underwear she is selling to her followers