Love Island Star Tyrique Hyde Rushed to Hospital After Halloween Costume Mishap


Love Island star Tyrique Hyde was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night after a serious medical emergency caused by his Halloween costume. The 24-year-old islander, known for his appearance on the ITV2 show this year, found himself in need of assistance from both medics and the fire brigade.

Costume Jewellery Ring Causes Circulation Complications

According to Tyrique, a costume jewellery ring he was wearing as part of his spooky Joker outfit became stuck on his finger, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. The ring was cutting off his blood circulation, causing his finger to turn green.

Firefighters to the Rescue

After visiting the hospital, Tyrique headed to his local fire station for help. Bemused firefighters were eventually able to remove the cheap ring using a specialist pair of bolt cutters.

Sharing the Reality of Life

Tyrique took to TikTok to share his ordeal with fans, wanting to remind them that life isn't always about the "good stuff" portrayed on social media. In his video, he explained the mishap and the process of getting the ring removed.

He said, "I feel like people on social media only show you the good stuff, so let me tell you a story about last night. Obviously, I know you lot saw me doing the Joker 'ting last night. Costume was sick, all of that. Me and Ella shutting it down. Harlequin and Joker, yeah yeah."

He continued, "I got home from Mia's 'ting and I had a ring stuck on my… I don't even where rings… but I thought obviously let me get into the Halloween vibe and put a couple of rings on for the Joker. I'm a joker for real, that's what I am. Bro, the ring got stuck on my finger, man had to go to A&E, they didn't have the right bolt cutter, man had to go fire station at like 6am and I was there for like an hour and a half cutting through, sawing through this ring. They said my circulation was going to stop off, my finger was going green."

Tyrique's experience serves as a reminder to be cautious when choosing and wearing Halloween costumes and accessories, as even seemingly harmless items can lead to unexpected emergencies.