Love Island viewers poke fun at Eve for asking whats in between Manchester and London despite studying geography


LOVE Island viewers poked fun at Eve Gale for asking which city is half way between Manchester and London – despite studying geography.

The blonde bombshell was on a double date with her twin sister Jess and boys Callum and Mike when she made the gaffe.

Eve – who studies geography at university – didn’t seem to know locations in the UK

Attempting flirty dinner date chat, Eve tried to work out how they would keep in touch with the Manchester boys while they’re living in London.

Eve said: “We’ll go halfway. Where’s halfway in between Manchester and London?”

Mike joked: “I don’t know. How about… Manchester.”

Jess added: “We’ve never been to Manchester.”

But the cringeworthy conversation irritated viewers who remembered Eve had told the Islanders she studies geography at Kings College London.

One said: “She studies geography but cant figure out whats in between London and Manchester? #LoveIsland.”

The boys went on their first date with the twins
The flirty girls admitted they hadn’t been to Manchester

Another added: “Confused how this twin says she studied geography but doesnt know whats in the middle of London and Manchester ? #loveisland.”

Someone else said: “Study geography but dont know where half of Manchester & London is. get these twins in the bin#LoveIsland.”