Love Island winner reveals plans to return to old career despite huge fame and £50k prize money

Kai from love island answeing questions from fans

A LOVE Island winner has revealed their plans to return to their old career, despite their recent £50k show win.

Kai Fagan won this year’s South Africa series alongside Sanam Harrinanan after skyrocketing to popularity on the show.

Kai Fagan revealed whether he’ll return to teaching after his Love Island win

Kai, who was formerly a PE teacher, opened up on returning to his career on social media.

The 24-year-old was doing a Q&A session with fans when someone asked if he’d go back to teaching.

Strolling along the street, the reality show winner said: “This is a question that keeps coming up, will I be going back into teaching.

“I still want to carry on working in education in some sort of capacity but hopefully it’ll be around encouraging students into sports participation.

“That was something I was thinking before Love Island. I still have my qualified teacher status and I can still apply for teaching jobs and go back into it.

“In the future I know that will be my pathway and yes in the future I will be going back into education in some way.”

And Kai isn’t the only one of the pair who has considered a return to his career.

Sanam, 24, wanted to return to her job as a social worker, but admitted she can’t.

The reality star beauty revealed she was planning to meet her old manager to see how she could still help out from outside the office.

Sanam told Heat World: “I can’t go into social work again, I don’t think I’ll be able to.

“But I’ve got a meeting about it this week with my social work manager because I want to be able to use this platform to help children locally.”

“[Kai and I] spoke about doing stuff afterwards. We can’t go directly into it but we can use our platforms to do something.”

Kai, who was formerly a PE teacher, admitted he also “wants to do the same things” but is keen to “find a different capacity” to do so.

“Everything is so hectic at the minute but once everything has slowed down then that’s when we can really step away and have a think about what we’re doing to do,” he said.

Kai and Sanam were crowned the winners of Love Island in the final episode earlier this month, gaining 40 per cent of the public vote.

Kai and Sanam took home £50k after bagging their show win