Love Island’s Jess demolishes stunned Sammy in series of savage putdowns


LOVE Island’s Sammy Root finds himself on the receiving end of a series of savage putdowns on Tuesday night.

A sneak-peek showing him getting a public tongue-lashing from Jess Harding after walking away from her.

Love Island’s Jess and Sammy are locked in a war of words

She ends up telling the lad exactly what she thinks of him

Sammy angers her by getting up during a conversation and walking off

She approached Love Island‘s Sammy while he was sitting with the boys and started gave him a talking-to he’s unlikely to forget.

It came after he suggested they were very apart, saying: “I was very, very, very closed off with you. Now we’ve just gone from this to this.”

He was then seen getting up to go elsewhere as Jess warned him: “Don’t walk away from me.”

He replied: “Well what are we going to talk about?” She ignored that, replying: “You want to make a scene, yeah?”

And there was indeed a scene, with Jess showed stomping over to the mini firepit where Sammy was sitting with the boys.

She yelled: “I could have literally dropped you out two times yeah, sitting round that firepit. F*** off mate.”

As she was seen stomping across the villa’s garden, she added: “You’re just a little boy. Go away.”

One viewer tweeted: “Oh no, not Jess and Sammy fighting again. I thought he said he would make it up to her later and they’re going at it again… Just stop and be happy ffs.”