Love Island’s Jess Harding in embarrassing bikini wardrobe malfunction


LOVE Island’s Jess Harding was mixed up in an embarrassing bikini wardrobe malfunction.

The beauty clinic owner joined her fellow singletons in the villa’s pool after it was revealed that Ne-Yo was heading to the ITV2 show for a special performance.

Scott van-der-Sluis helped Jess Harding in the pool

The beauty clinic owner suffered a wardrobe malfunction after she jumped in the pool

However whilst she soaked up the sun in the pool, Jess, 22, was left needing assistance after her bikini became undone.

She held her top as she jumped into the pool, but ever the gentleman, her co-star Scott van-der-Sluis was forced to assist her and the fans went wild on social media.

One wrote: “Scott retying up Jess’ bikini. OH I WANT HIM RN. Catherine’s so lucky. He’s a gentleman like wtf f*** off”

A second tweeted: “See Scott helping Jess fix her bikini. THATS A MANNNN.”

“Scott re tying Jess’ bikini, THIS IS WHY HES WINNING,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth commented: “Not scott helping jess hair in the pool what a real one #LoveIsland.”

This comes after Jess was slammed by fans over a “nasty” swipe at her departing co-star Mal Nicol in Love Island.

Mal was dumped from the ITV2 show along with Mehdi after viewers were told to vote for their favourite villa stars.

The pair received the fewest number of votes and were given the boot, with Mal saying an emotional goodbye to Sammy after their brief romance.

And with Mal out of the picture, Jess and Sammy appear to be growing close once more.

Jess was in good spirits in Wednesday’s episode and told the girls “Sammy brings something out in me” while the group got ready for another night in the villa.

While Whitney and Catherine said they were happy for her, Kady wanted to know: “Does it not worry you that if she had never been dumped you might not have rekindled?”

Jess shot back: “Yeah but there was a reason she got dumped.”

Whitney piped up: “What was the reason?”

And Jess retorted: “That it was meant to be.”

Viewers blasted Jess for the comment on Twitter and also warned her off Sammy.

The Islanders celebrated after it was revealed Ne-Yo was performing in the villa

The star got a little too excited with the news