Love Islands twins Eve and Jess Gale go topless and pillow fight in budget music video


LOVE Island twins Eve and Jess Gale’s racy past has been exposed as they pose topless in bed for a budge music video.

The scantily-clad pair writhe around on a bed before stripping off and diving under the duvet with rapper Maestro.

Love Island’s twins Jess and Eve Gale were in a budget music video

The 20-year-old sisters were hired to dance with the rapper at a Cambridge house party in 2018.

They snuggled under the duvet with the rapper before pillow fighting and jumping in the shower.

“The twins loved filming the video they were confident in front of the camera and weren’t shy to try different things,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“You could tell at the time they were happy being in the limelight so a show like Love Island is perfect for them.

“Being twins they really stood out, so hiring them to star in the video was an easy to choice and they were great to work with.”

They showed off their curves for the camera

And got under the covers with the rapper

The showed off their curvy bums for the camera and danced with the rapper as he swigged from a bottle of booze.

They danced as he rapped: “She could be 5ft something or 6, if she look good then I’m grabbing that b****.

“She could be a slim ting or she could be thick but they all sound the same when I give them my d***.”

The pair have a history with rappers as Eve previously revealed she messaged Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga to try and meet up for an Ibiza “fling”.

They preened their hair while the rapper drank alcohol from a bottle

They went topless in bed while the rapper performed for the camera

When asked about their claim to fame, Eve bragged: “Tyga, Kylie Jenners ex, messaged me.

“We were both at an event and I posted an Instagram story tagging him.

“He then messaged me afterwards and we spoke on WhatsApp.”

The dalliance continued to The White Isle, with Eve adding: “Then when me and Jess were in Ibiza, he was there again.

Tyga contacted Eve to meet up in Ibiza – but it wasn’t meant to be
Eve and her twin sister Jess made Love Island history by appearing on the show together

“He asked me to meet him but we arrived the day he left.”

She also boasted about being messaged by lesser-known rapper Pop Smoke.

Tyga, 30, dated billionaire Kylie for three years between 2014 and 2017, with the pair not making their romance official until Kylie’s 18th birthday in August 2015.