Megan Barton Hanson gets Botox injections in her bum saying ‘it isn’t just for wrinkles’


MEGAN Barton Hanson got Botox injections in her bum telling fans “it’s not just for wrinkles”.

The Love Island star shared a video to Instagram showing a needle being plunged into her bottom as she wore a black thong bodysuit.

Megan Barton Hanson showed off her famous cures as she got Botox injections in her bum
The Love Island star filmed the procedure on Instagram

In the clip a man sterilises the area and can be heard saying: “I want you to tense your muscle … and relax.”

Before pushing the needle into Megan‘s skin he says: “Sharp scratch!”

The candid star has spoken openly in the past about her love of surgery and procedures.

When she was a teen she experienced bullying that led to her going under the knife for the first time.

Megan, 27, admitted: “I first went under the knife at the age of 17, when I had surgery to get my ears pinned back …

“My insecurities led to me having even more work done. Two years after the ear op I started having filler in my lips, and I went on to have rhinoplasty and a boob job, as well as many other procedures.

“I don’t know how much I’ve spent over the years, but it’s a lot.

“I’ve always had several consultations before booking anything and I’ve always waited and thought about it hard. You could compare it to buying a car – it is a big and expensive decision, and certainly not a quick fix.

“The surgery helped me diminish the obsessive nature of my insecurities, but while it made me feel happier when looking in the mirror, that’s just surface level.”

Cosmetic procedures are also an investment for Megan, who has earned herself a fortune posing for sexy snaps on adult site OnlyFans.

She raked in almost £500,000 in lockdown through selling exclusive content and her numerous TV and brand deals.

Speaking about her earning power on OnlyFans, Megan previously told HOAR: “I’m so proud of OnlyFans.

“I knew how much girls I used to work with in the sex industry were making on webcamming, so I thought, ‘Why not?’.

“I can’t believe how well I’ve done, I’m smashing it.”

She recently splurged her hard-earned cash when she purchased her first home in Essex.

The model sells x-rated snaps on adult only site OnlyFans
Megan has shared her love of surgery and procedures in the past