Who left Love Island 2020 last night?


THE drama continued in the Love Island villa last night.

The Islanders had to decide whether to say goodbye to Sophie Piper or Connor as the couple earned the least public votes.

Sophie and Connor earned the least public votes and one of them had to leave

Who left Love Island last night?

Host Laura Whitmore asked the safe Islanders to deliberate about who theyll save, after Sophie and Connor were voted the least popular couple and only ONE of them was allowed to stay in the villa.

After some discussion it became clear who they were going to pick.

Mike was then given the job as foreman and had to deliver the news.

He revealed that they were choosing Sophie to stay and Connor to go.

Connor was dumped from the Love Island villa

Who has left Love Island 2020 so far?

There have been three people dumped from Love island on this series.

The Islanders who have left are:

  • Connor Durham – The original Connor was given his marching orders after the Islanders were voted to choose between him and Sophie after the couple were voted the least popular pair in the villa and the chose her instead of him.
  • Connagh Howard – Sexy Connagh with a ‘G’ was a victim of the dreaded re-coupling, and was left standing alone after Rebecca chose Luke T over him.
  • Eve Gale – Eve was the first contestant to leave the show in week one and left her twin sister Jess Gale behind after not being picked in a re-coupling.

Meanwhile, Ollie Williams volunteered to walk away from the show in week one.

He decided to quit the series after realising he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, who he has since rekindled with.

Love island
Love Island stars tend to gather around the fire pit for the eliminations

When is the next Love Island dumping?

Typically, the recoupling tends to take place on a Friday prior to the show taking a brief break on Saturday, before returning on Sunday night.

However, as Love Island fans have learned the show is unpredictable and has been known to prompt eliminations out of the blue.

While the islanders often get to decide who stays and who goes; viewers do have the opportunity to save their favourite contestants and send others home from time-to-time.

Love Island narrator, Iain Stirling, tends to announce when the public can participate in the elimination process by voting through the app.