Angela Rayner embroiled in fresh housing controversy over donation from lobbying firm


Labour deputy leader under fire

Angela Rayner is facing a new wave of criticism over a £6,000 donation she accepted from a PR firm that advocates for housing developers, despite her public criticism of the industry's failure to build enough homes.

Accusations of hypocrisy

Tory MPs have accused Rayner of "unashamed hypocrisy" for taking money from a firm that lobbies for the very entities she has been targeting in her political statements.

Police investigation and denials

The controversy comes as Rayner is already under scrutiny for alleged tax discrepancies related to the sale of her council house. Despite police investigations into the matter, Rayner strongly denies any wrongdoing.

Calls for transparency

Tory MPs are demanding that Rayner be transparent about her connection with the lobbying firm and address the apparent conflict of interest it presents.

Defending the donation

A spokesperson for the Labour Party defended Rayner's acceptance of the donation, emphasizing the party's commitment to addressing the housing crisis and holding developers accountable.

Further investigations

MPs on the Treasury Select Committee are planning to question HMRC's Chief Executive about tax issues related to council house sales, similar to the situation involving Rayner. Concerns have been raised about the accessibility of tax guidance for law-abiding taxpayers.

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