Schools Instructed to Prohibit Mobile Phones Following New Government Guidance


New Measures to Tackle Distractions

Schools have received instructions to ban mobile phones from classrooms as part of new Government guidance. The move aims to address "unnecessary distraction" during lessons and throughout the school day.

Clear Policies for Consistency

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan emphasized the need for clarity and consistency in school policies regarding mobile phones. The guidance, though non-statutory, provides teachers with the tools to improve behavior and focus on teaching.

Empowering Schools and Staff

Schools are advised to implement various strategies for enforcing the ban, including confiscation of devices and detentions. Headteachers and staff are also empowered to search students or their belongings if there is reasonable suspicion of a prohibited item.

International Precedents

France, Italy, and Portugal have already implemented similar bans on mobile phones in classrooms to reduce distractions during lessons. The UK government warns of potential legislation if schools do not adhere to the guidance.

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