The Start of Super Soap Week brings Coronation Street serial killer Stephen Reid's secrets to light

All hell is breaking loose in Weatherfield as the truth about Stephen Reid, the Coronation Street serial killer, finally comes out. With a new day dawning, Stephen is planning his escape from the cobbles. But before he can leave, fellow residents start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Will he manage to escape justice or will he be caught?

Jenny Connor receives a shocking warning from Carla

The pressure is mounting on Stephen as Carla Connor accuses him of drugging her with LSD. Although there is no evidence to prove her claims, Carla finds a print out of one-way tickets to Thailand in the office printer. This discovery leads her to believe that Stephen is planning to flee and convinces DS Swain that Stephen is a flight risk. Carla then warns Jenny, Stephen's partner, about the police investigation and implores her not to go to Thailand with him.

A gruesome discovery by Tim Metcalfe raises suspicions

Tim Metcalfe becomes distracted from his wedding anniversary plans when he learns about Stephen's interest in a canal dredging project. While out on the canal towpath, Tim finds a discarded boat hook and starts poking around in the water. To his horror, he discovers a corpse's hand floating to the surface. Panicking, Tim calls the police but before he can explain, Stephen climbs into the back seat of his cab and attempts to strangle him. The situation takes a turn for the worse as Tim is knocked unconscious and locked in the boot of his car, which is being doused in petrol.

Stephen's web of deceit unravels

Stephen returns to the cobbles after disposing of Tim's body and washing away any evidence of his crime. Not long after, he tricks an unsuspecting Michael into transferring all the money from Underworld's account into a bogus one he has set up. Carla receives a notification of the transfer and the Platt family is stunned when Sarah reveals that Stephen has defrauded Audrey Roberts and drugged Carla. As the truth about Stephen's actions comes to light, tension rises and he faces attacks from Peter Barlow and accusations from his own mother. Meanwhile, DS Swain races against time to intercept Stephen before he can escape justice.


The Coronation Street storyline featuring serial killer Stephen Reid reaches its climax in a dramatic Super Soap Week. With the residents of Weatherfield closing in on him, Stephen's chances of escape are diminishing. Will justice be served or will he slip away?