Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan Keep Massive Secret from Moira and Chas in Emmerdale


Conflict Between Emmerdale Tough Men

Since their first meeting, Caleb Milligan and Cain Dingle have been at odds.

A Big Secret Between Caleb and Cain

Despite their differences, both men share a significant secret that they're keeping from Moira and Chas Dingle.

Will the Secret Stay Buried?

The question remains: will Caleb and Cain ultimately have to come clean?

Cain Dingle's Dislike Turns Into Partnership

Cain Dingle, portrayed by soap legend Jeff Hordley, initially had a strong dislike for Caleb. However, after facing various obstacles, the siblings are finally starting to get along.

A Mysterious Trip Away

In the upcoming week, Cain and Caleb plan a mysterious trip away from the village together. Could this be the turning point in their relationship?

Keeping Secrets From Moira and Chas

During a sibling chat at the Woolie, Cain receives a mysterious text, leading him to ask Caleb if he would like to leave town for a while. Determined to keep the reason for their road trip under wraps, Cain asks Caleb to come up with an excuse for Moira and Chas.

Moira's Displeasure

Moira is left simmering as Cain leaves despite her wishes. What will the brothers get up to on their mysterious road trip?

A History of Conflict

Cain and Caleb have had their fair share of clashes, mainly due to Cain's troublemaking nature. However, their relationship took a major turn when Caleb was revealed to be Frank Tate's illegitimate son, leading to a plot involving the Tate family fortune.

What's Next for Caleb?

With Caleb's previous scheme involving his son Nicky coming to an end, what will he plan next?

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