Cain Dingle makes shocking discovery about Nicky Milligan in Emmerdale

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NICKY Milligan is in cahoots with his father Caleb, unbeknownst to everybody else in the Dales.

But the character rubs Emmerdale tough man Cain Dingle the wrong way next week.

Cain Dingle makes a huge discovery about Nicky Milligan next week

Caleb refuses to intervene

Things get out of hand

In recent scenes of the ITV soap, Nicky (portrayed by Lewis Cope) has been trying to get cash on behalf of his scheming father Caleb (Will Ash).

As a result, the troublemaker begins to eye up an Audi Cain has been working on.

Coming up next week, Nicky decides to wait until the mechanic is a no show to pic the garage lock and, once inside, he manically searches for the keys to the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Nicky miscalculated his moves as Cain (Jeff Hordley) was one step ahead of him.

Nicky is shocked to see stone-faced Cain standing behind him and the pair exchange words.

However, as viewers of the Yorkshire-based program know, Cain isn’t one to talk and he retaliates with a punch to the stomach.

Reeling over in pain, Nicky glances up at Caleb who refuses to intervene.

Furious to realise he’s on his own, Nicky snatches a spanner from the side but Cain, once again, is ahead of him and instinctively throws a hard punch into his face.

Later in the Woolpack for her birthday, Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) can tell from her husband’s demeanour that he isn’t in a celebratory mood.

Feeling disappointed in himself, Cain discloses why he’s late.

Whilst Cain dwells on his actions, Moira reassures him that he’s making progress with his anger, which has almost cost him custody of his son Kyle Winchester.

Meanwhile, in the Woolpack beer garden, Caleb’s fuming as Nicky admits he wanted to steal the car.

Caleb curtly reminds Nicky to stay in his lane as the latter seethes with resentment.

Frank Tate’s secret son then interrogates Nicky about where he was the night before and the hunk admits he was with someone.

Desperate to get away from his father, Nicky hurries fiancée Gabby Thomas off as Caleb seethes.

But the truth catches up fast with Nicky when Naomi Walters tells Gabby and Will about his fight with Cain.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Cain attacks Nicky

Could it backfire on him?
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