Cheating Tracy Robinson caught romping with Caleb Milligan in Emmerdale


Tensions rise as Tracy's affair with Caleb heats up

Tensions are running high between Caleb Milligan and Nate Robinson's wife Tracy in the popular soap opera Emmerdale. The illicit couple, unable to resist their mutual attraction, find themselves in a tricky position as Caleb's jealousy grows.

Tracy's risky affair

Tracy Robinson, portrayed by Amy Walsh, is caught in a passionate affair with Caleb Milligan, played by Will Ash. While her marriage with Nate, portrayed by Jurell Carter, seemed to be going well, Tracy's connection with Caleb may be the breaking point.

A close call

Next week on ITV, Tracy and Caleb find themselves interrupted by an unsuspecting Nicky Milligan, played by Lewis Cope, while in the throes of passion. As their secret affair continues, Tracy tries to hide her guilt from Nate, but her feelings for Caleb become harder to ignore.

Caught in the act

Tracy's affair takes a dangerous turn when she is caught red-handed by Nate at the Mill. Viewers speculate about the consequences and wonder how Tracy will explain herself.

What's next for Tracy?

As the drama unfolds on Emmerdale, viewers are left wondering if Tracy could be pregnant and who the father might be. Caleb's jealousy escalates, leaving Tracy and Nate's relationship hanging by a thread.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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